Top ten foods for Gym going population

Tomato JuiceExercising is a must in today’s fast paced world. It is a key to stay healthy and active. However, exercising alone cannot get you miraculous results. Food is another critical component which decides your fitness levels. In order to stay fit, one needs to eat in apt quantity and also the choice of food items determines how fit you will stay? A long sustained work out is only possible, if your body is fed with correct nutrients. These nutrients not only help you build muscles but also repair and rejuvenate them.

Following are the 10 best foods for the gym going population.


Carbohydrates are required by our body for a good work out. Carbohydrates are like fuel to our body. All food items are not a good source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates which are slowly digested, release blood sugar constantly to energize your body and are good carbs. Oatmeal rich in beta culan is the best choice one can make.


To boost your endurance and work out longer, one can dawn a 12 ounce serving of coffee. If you are feeling tired and going through some exercise related pain. Coffee is the best cure.


Oysters are laden with iron, which is needed to build hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential to deliver oxygen through out your body. When one exercises, body does not get oxygen resultant lactic acid is produced. This results in body getting tired. So Oysters should be a part of your diet.


Almond is a pinnacle source of antioxidants, like flavonoids and Vitamin E.This is required, as the more we exercise the body produces more free radicals, which are damaging. So regularly one must consume 4 – 5 almonds in a day.



If you are committed towards your work out and end up burning good amount of calories, then your body does require a good backfill of energy. Raisins are a good source of energy boosting carbs and potassium. A small box of raisins can ensure that one does not get dehydrated and develops muscle cramps.


Every pound you loose, you need to backfill your body with two and half cups of fluid. The best way to decide that is to make sure that you weigh yourself before and after the exercise. Unless you do a heavy work out for more than hour or so, Water is the best fluid you can take. It does not have any artificial sweeteners, hence very low in calories.

Low fat ricotta with honey

After a good calorie burning session at the gym, our body requires an amount of protein intake so that the muscles are repaired and rebuild. Low fat Ricotta is affluent in Blactoglobulin; this is very effective in inspiring muscles re synthesis. Honey is one of those carbs which can be effortlessly digested. This is a very effective snack after exercises.


Salmon is a good post work out protein source. It is relatively easy to digest. If you are doing high intensity workouts, salmon will make you stronger. If you want Vitamin D in your body, this is one vitamin which is missing with majority of us, and then Salmon is nature’s best source available.

Tomato juice

In an exercise routine, which involves a lot of sprinting and other cardio vascular activities, body tends to loose fluids. These fluids also include sodium and potassium. Tomato juice is a good substitute to sports drinks. Sports drinks are high in sugar and calories. An 8 ounce serving has almost 45 calories and also the required amount of sodium and potassium.


Ginger is a strengthening food that has been extensively used to sustain good health. Terpenes and oleoresin are two major ingredients of ginger. These ingredients are good for respiratory system, its fights cold and cough. It is a good for a disturbed stomach and digestive disorders. After a work out, if your body is experiencing aching, ginger should be used instead of medicines. The compelling anti inflammatory root eases post exercise pain.

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