Top Facts about Pastries you did not Know

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You may have indulged in those ambrosial, luscious chocolate dipped pastries for days on end without giving a second thought about where they originated from, what were their primitive forms and so much more. From those creamy pineapple cakes and soft, succulent donuts to strudels, cream puffs and sweet buns they have dominated your dessert menu for years. So don’t these sinful indulgences deserve some more of your knowledge? Here are some fun facts about pastries that you ought to know.

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  • It was the Egyptians who first endeavored to make pastries in their crudest of forms out of fruits, honey, spices and the regular grain meal. These crude forms of pastries were called Filo and Baklava.
  • The European chefs first got the taste of these scrumptious desserts when it was brought to the European soil at the time of 7th century Muslim invasion.
  • The original donuts of New England did not get its name because of the presence of any nuts. They were actually pastries without holes and were made in the shape and size of walnuts and hence they were named donuts.
  • In order to make the holes of the donuts machineries are used which immaculately cut out the holes from the centre separately by dispensing out just the dough rings.

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  • The 9th of December every year is extolled worldwide as the National Pastry Day. So do make it a point to indulge in a few sans the weight gain thought bothering you just for the day.
  • American Cops have always been known for their love of donuts. This is because the donut shops were among the few shops that used to be open in the wee hours of the morning during the 40s and 50s. Thus cops feeling hunger pangs would readily indulge in these soft, buttery sweetened delicacies and satiate their hunger. In fact, many of the donut shopkeepers felt highly secured having a police car parked right in front of their shops.
  • And for the last, if you thought Boston Cream Pies were pies, well they are actually cakes.

So the next time to pamper your sweet tooth with any of the above kinds of pastries, you may choose to enlighten your dessert companions with these fun facts.

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