Soupy delight: Kosher chicken turkey soup

Kosher chicken turkey soup


Kosher chicken turkey soup is an all time favorite soup, that can be served as the first course of any meal. The silken texture and amazing taste have made this soup a pretty popular one. Kosher chicken turkey soup soup is very nutritious and healthy, as well.The recipes of this soup are of many different varieties; here is one you can try in your own kitchen. It is easy to make and for sure will become one of your favorites once you try it.

Complexity level:


Time taken:

2 hours and 30 minutes


1. 1 large turkey neck, chopped
2. 1 pound of chicken wings, cut into pieces
3. 1 or 2 small parsley roots
4. 2 small onions
5. 2 or 3 carrots
6. 3 celery sticks or roots
7. 3 zucchini
8. Fresh parsley
9. Salt and pepper, and some chicken soup powder to taste


1. Take a large soup pot and put the chopped turkey neck and the cut chicken wings into into it. Fill the pot with water, two inches above the poultry. Slide the cover with a little opening when you are boiling it.

2. Let the water boil and get rid of any froth by scraping it. Add the remaining ingredients into the pot. Bring the mixture to boil again.

3. Reduce the heat and slide the cover of the pot a little so that the steam can escape. Let the meat and the vegetables along with other ingredients become soft for two hours on a simmer flame. If the water dries in between add a little more.

4. Finally, let the soup cool down and then strain it. Add the finely cut vegetables to the soup. Stir the mixture and make sure the soup is smooth.

5. Boil 4 to 5 cups of water in a wide mouth pan and add 2 pinches of salt to it. Put 3 ounces of dried noodles into the boiling water. Once it is cooked, drain the hot water out and put some cold water to stop the noodles from cooking any further. Drain the water out again. You can use a wide strainer to drain out the extra water. Putting the strainer under cold running water helps stop the noddles from cooking further. Keep aside the boiled noodles.

6. Serve hot soup with noodles.


Q: Is there only one way to prepare the Kosher chicken turkey soup?

Ans: There are various ways to prepare this soup. However, this recipe is among the most basic ways to prepare Kosher chicken turkey soup.


1. Use fresh vegetables and freshly cut meat for making the soup.
2. Add two to three drops of oil in the salt water when boiling the noodles. This prevents the noodles from becoming sticky.

Things to watch out for:

1. When you are boiling the ingredients in water, it is important to avoid clumping. So keep stirring in between.
2. Do not boil the soup again after making it.

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