Top 20 chocolate brands for chocoholics to savor


At least once in life you must have been asked the question, what do you think is better – chocolate or sex? Addictive, sinful, tasty and enticing. That’s chocolate for you. Originally, there were few chocolatiers like Nestle and Cailler, but as more and more people began to eat (and enjoy) chocolate, the industry grew. Now there are millions of chocolatiers out there. Multiply that with another million flavors. From mint to dates to orange to liquor, the list is endless. But do you know which one to pick?

Let me make that easier for you. Here are 20 chocolate brands which you must try. Add it to your list of ‘things to do before I die’.

1. Dairy Milk Silk

Dealing with exclusive milk chocolates, Dairy Milk is a leading brand in many countries over the world. However, Dairy Milk Silk is a must have. It literally melts in your mouth.

2. Nestle Mars

If you have gone to school in the 1990s, a day was incomplete without a Mars bar. Not to forget that this was the popular bribe for the parents back then. It features soft caramel, nougat and almond wrapped up in chocolate.

3. Cailler

Cailler has been one of the oldest in business. They are finely made Swiss chocolates that make you close your eyes, lick your lips and go ‘yummmm!’ may it be hazelnut, almonds or simply dark.

4. Patchi

This chocolate brand for Lebanon is a mix of Swiss and Belgian chocolate styles. Patchi is known for its fine line of decorated chocolate which later collaborated with Harrod’s to make some of the finest chocolates.

5. Toffiffee

Want some caramel or hazelnut chewy toffees that are not heavy on your pocket? Then Toffiffee’s chocolates are perfect for you.

6. Toblerone

Known for its popular and distinctive prism-like packaging, this Swiss made chocolate is the perfect blend of nougat, caramel and honey. Crispy and amazing.

7. Valrhona

May it be bulk bars or pellets, flavored or plain, this French based chocolatier knows how to do his thing. It may not be the most expensive but it certainly is a chocolate to reckon with. Apart from making chocolates, Valrhona also runs a school to train professional chefs in chocolate and pastry making.

8. Wonka

Chocolate without its Willy Wonka is like a fish without water. After the release of the movie in 1971, Nestle bought the company of Wonka’s chocolates and used its licensed materials to make chocolates. Some of the wacky products of Wonka’s chocolates include ‘Pixy Stix and Kazoozles’.

9. Amedei

Amedei’s chocolates use single varietal and single origin cocoa beans. These chocolates manufactured in Tuscany, Italy range from chocolate bars to pralines to truffles. One of their products, Amedei Porcelana, is the most expensive chocolate product in the world – and with good reason.

10. Maximn

Maximn’s chocolates are French made and very much like a French kiss. With just a wisp of hazelnut or sometimes dark, they pass the examination of the sexiest chocolate brands in the world with flying colors.

11. Richart

Richart chocolate is a fine French gourmet chocolate company, which makes some of the smoothest dark chocolate. It’ll melt in your mouth and you won’t even realize it.

12. Bournville

This English made chocolate, best known for its dark chocolate, has the perfect slogan, ‘You don’t buy a Bournville; you earn it’ the reason being it is so inviting, you wouldn’t know what’s hit you.

13. Godiva

Named in the honor of Lady Godiva, this French chocolatier is extremely popular all over the world for the finest and richest chocolates which also come in limited editions seasonal packaging.

14. Guylian

Guylian is a Belgian chocolate brand most popular for its chocolate praline sea shells with different fillings and its seahorse shaped icon. It is a crime to miss their chocolate.

15. Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg is a Danish chocolatier mostly known for its bottle shaped liquor chocolates. These are soft centered so make sure you pop the entire thing in your mouth at once. The Jack Daniel’s flavor is a classic favorite.

16. After Eight

After Eight is a UK based chocolate company and is best defined as mint clothed in dark chocolate. And it stands by its description although any time would be a good time to eat it; not just after 8.

17. M&M

These candy coated pieces in dark chocolate, peanut or mint can be had at any time of the day. Their colors only make them look more attractive although they don’t need it as the taste is good enough for both. If you happen to visit Times Square, don’t miss a tour of the M n M factory there.

18. Ferrero Rocher

If crunchy is your thing, then Ferrero Rocher is your God. A richly roasted hazelnut center enveloped in milk and cream is sure enough to get your tongue tingly.

19. Hershey

Who wouldn’t like little kisses? Especially when they are made of chocolate! Hershey’s kisses in their cone shopped avatar. One just isn’t good enough, is it?

20. Lindt

This comes in variety of flavors; however, one shall be put in a no-chocolate jail if they miss out on the Lindt Thins. Orange, dark and mint are the classic favorites but even with the others, Lindt can never go wrong.

So have you grabbed your chocolate for the day?

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