Savor the delights of celebrity chef restaurants in the NYC

Celebrity chef restaurants in the NYC

New York City is a super cool city to live in. The Big Apple is brimming with celebrities and what’s more interesting is that almost all of them have a fondness for good cuisine. There are also some eminent celebrity chef restaurants here that make NYC a bit yummier. You have watched these superstar chefs on TV shows and now you can visit their grand restaurants and savor their scrumptious cooking.

1. Aquavit


This is an outstanding Scandinavian restaurant which commenced in New York in 1987. Aquavit has received a lot many rave reviews under its co-owner Marcus Samuelsson, the youngest chef to be assigned as “Best chef New York City” by the James Beard Foundation. The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is Scandinavian with a backdrop of subdued timber with austere white walls in contrast to sturdy illumination and a dazzling bar. The menu is ever developing and original with a lot of at home versions.

2. Aureole


The Aureole was opened by Charlie Palmer in 1988, speedily setting it up as one of the premium restaurants in the United States. The restaurant dishes up a most ingenious and progressive cuisine and has achieved a universal standing for its brilliant celebrity chef, stylish ambiance and delectable cuisine. The menu is delicious, comprising dishes like Pan-roasted Halibut with spring asparagus risotto, grill of glazed lamb chop, etc.

3. Gotham bar and grill

Gotham bar and grill

The tagline for this celebrity chef restaurant is classy cuisine with charm to attract everyone. It has been in the vanguard of NYC’s restaurant scene since the last quarter of a century. The restaurant serves a rather unusual yet mouth-watering cuisine with new types of ingredients brought down from all over the planet. There are time after time, innovative, latest dishes served here by celebrity chef Alfred Portale that keeps the Gotham experience spanking new and electrifying all the time.

4. Le Bernardin

Le Bernardin

This is New York’s globally recognized four star sea food restaurant. It was opened in NYC in 1986 and now holds many esteemed records for establishing a benchmark in seafood cuisine. This celebrity chef restaurant has preserved its four star rating for the last 10 years thanks to the avante-garde cooking of celebrity chef Gilbert.

5. Per Se

Per Se

Per Se was officially opened in the year 2004 and very swiftly it has reached the zenith of NYC’s top most restaurant picks. The owner, Thomas Keller, has put in strong concentration on all specifications including cuisine, appearance and atmosphere. The blue doorway, the cozy fireside, the plain yet graceful interior decoration, all looks absolutely stunning. One should definitely try out the “Oysters and Pearls” first course which consists of a splendid Sabayon of pearl tapioca with oysters and caviar.

6. Restaurant Daniel

Restaurant Daniel

Delight in the most esteemed chef, Daniel Boulud’s seasonal French cooking in this restaurant. This place has a luxurious Venetian Renaissance fashion dining area and a stunning Bellecour Room accessible for private bashes. The chef has a well known kitchen crew skilled in the French tradition with regard to procedure, pecking order and authority of their profession. The ingredient changes according to the season. For example, you get to savor black truffles from Perigord in dishes like Roasted Squab stuffed with Foie Gras and Black Truffle. In summer, you get to order menu with fresh tomatoes and local sweet corn.

7. WD-50


Wylie Dufresne got into the NYC restaurant picture with a great bang with the opening of this restaurant. Wylie is the chef here and along with his partners, the owner too. The carte du jour here is the turnout of each season, typical American components and multiplicity of cooking procedures.

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