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Restaurant Wrap Up: The Fat Duck, Berkshire, England

The Fat Duck Restaurant

Known for its menu of unusual dishes that have been created using principle of gastronomy, a rather unheard term when it comes to dining, the dishes are more unique in that sense. Expect to find snail porridge, bacon and egg ice cream and not to miss the salmon that has been poached with liquorices. Welcome to Fat Duck, a specialty restaurant in England.

Psychology seems to be playing high in the mind of Chef Heston Blumenthal as he loves experimenting with diners’ perception. This is much evident from the list of starters available in the restaurant.

Expect to find jelly of orange and beetroot in which the red comes from blood oranges and the orange from paprika beetroots.


Heston Blumenthal owns the place which has been famous with people wanting to feast on delicacies. The restaurant is located at Bray in Berkshire.

What makes it the best?

A tough question indeed, but answers come easy when one considers the uniqueness of the restaurant. The unique starter the restaurant offers makes it the best in the category of dining places in England. Orange and beetroot jelly is considered the best here and makes Fat Duck, indeed a special place to dine.

Add to this the list of recognition the restaurant has received since its inception. This is the only restaurant in United Kingdom and Ireland that has a three star Michelin Guide ratings. The Fat Duck was named the best restaurant in world in 2005 by Restaurant magazine and scored 10 out of 10 in Good Food Guide.

Top Notch dining

Experience the best dining in the world at The Fat Duck as the range of specialties is never ending. Fresh Salmon seems to be the best here and large number of people line up here to have a taste of this specialty.

Snail porridge is another specialty that cannot be missed. Snail and ham is cooked in snail stock enriched with garlic adding a unique taste to the moth watering specialty.

For those having a sweet tooth, no concerns of worry are there as the place offers a rich collection of sweeteners. Mango and scrambled egg with Bacon Ice Cream offer solace to those looking for a sweetener.

Apple pie toffee that has specially gift wrapped in an edible sweet paper is the favorite among kids, if you happen to visit the place with children. For those having a liking for Oysters, a rich collection is served in oyster shell.

Evenings are a great time to make a visit to the The Fat Duck and in case you are looking for a cup of tea, one can try the hot and cold iced tea.

For those desiring to have a sip of the choicest wine, The Fat Duck seems to be the right place, in the town. Expect a fine blend of wine from all over the world as the restaurant has a collection of chosen taste from countries as France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, USA and South Africa.

The list can be refined as per the taste and one can choose from among Champagne, Red Wine, White Wine and Dessert Wine to name a few.

The Challenges

February 2009 was a challenging time for The Fat Duck, as a number of customers reported health complications after dining at the restaurant and the place had to be temporarily shut down.

The place reopened in March 2009 and the culprit was found to be an oyster presentation, which was accidentally cultivated using sewer water. The restaurant has since got back with full professional vigor and continues to rule in the culinary world, dishing out mouth watering delicacies and amazing the visitors with its unique range of presentations.

The Uniqueness

Simply furnished, The Fat Duck is well worth the price. From the green tea to wafer thin orange lollipop, it is the exquisite magic of the hands of legendary chef Heston Blumenthal that attracts visitors to the restaurant time and again and the person who comes here once, turns out to be a regular at the place.

Most of the dining magazines and websites rate the quality , service, food and ambience great here, which is itself evident from the large number of awards, the restaurant has won over the years.

This world famous, but modestly designed restaurant is known for its range of experimental cooking and Heston Blumenthal takes personal interest in the fact, that this uniqueness is maintained at every cost, another reason that The Fat Duck continues to maintain its lead, unfazed by the challenges in the restaurant industry.

A unique place indeed for food lovers, The Fat Duck is highly recommended and you are sure to remember the taste and ambience for long.

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