Quick and easy tips to cook stuffed pork chops

stuffed pork chops

One of the best things about stuffed pork is that the dish is more of flavor than filling. Compared to the traditional stuffed chops, stuffed pork chops recipes contain more ingredients that give out more flavor and tickle the taste buds. This blog is intended to give you a few useful tips on How to cook stuffed pork chops using grill with or without gravy.

Making the pocket

stuffed pork chops

Before we get to the details of how to cook stuffed pork chops on the stove; the pocket is the first thing that you should focus on. If you look at any of the stuffed pork chops recipes; the pocket has to be large enough to hold the stuffing. The aim is to ensure that you cut three sides perfectly to ensure that it holds the stuffing properly. You also need to make sure that you have enough of space to close the hole after you have filled it with the stuffing.

Tips on how to cook stuffed pork chops on the grill

stuffed pork chopsThere are many kinds of stuffed pork chops recipes that you can make on the grill. The best part about using the grill is that unlike the stove it does not require too much of cooking time. Moreover, you can use less to no oil while grilling the chops. Here are a few tips to cook the perfect stuffed pork chops with stuffing or gravy

  • Before you cook, it is advisable to heat the grill to a proper temperature. This will save a lot of time and energy while cooking the chops.
  • Start with cooking the chops on a high flame for at least a minute on each. This will help to prep the chops properly before you reduce the flame.
  • Cook each chop for at least 5 minutes on each side before you can turn them. While doing this, ensure that you cook it on medium-low flame.
  • While turning the chops, make sure that you do it gently. This is because the stuffing may come out while you are cooking. Using tongs will be a good idea while turning the chops as you will get a better grip.

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