How to prepare easy meals in less than half an hour

Easy meals

There are those days when you are too tired or too lazy and cooking a meal is very stressful indeed. Those days are the ones when meals easy to prepare come in handy and become savior for the day. There are many ready to cook meals available in the market, but if you don’t have it handy, then there are a few easy solutions.

1. Chocolate thick shake

Chocolate thick shake

a. Complexity level: Easy

b. Time taken: 10-12 minutes

c. Ingredients: 3/4 glass chilled milk, left over chocolate cake, chocolate flakes and cherry for decoration.

d. Method: Blend large piece of chocolate cake with chilled milk. Now decorate with chocolate flakes and cherry. Serve immediately.

2. Easy fruit helping starters

Easy fruit helping starters

a. Complexity level: Easy

b. Time taken: 5 minutes

c. Ingredients: Canned pineapple – 2 slices, processed cheese – 4 cubes, deseeded cherries sliced into halves – 4, tooth-picks.

d. Method: Drain the pineapple slices of all the extra dripping syrup and then slice each one into four or smaller pieces. Dice cheese cubes into squares of the size similar to the pineapple parts. Now arrange a piece of cheese, pineapple and cherry on each tooth pick. Serve.

NB: Cucumber, grapes or boiled potato can be used for variety purpose. Serve as appetizer.

3. Easy crunchy potatoes

Easy crunchy potatoes

a. Complexity level: Easy

b. Time taken: 5 minutes

c. Ingredients: 1 kg peeled potatoes, olive oil, salt, water

d. Method: Cut the potatoes into large chunks and boil them for 5 minutes in salted water. Now drain them and toss into the pan. Next put 3 tsp olive oil into in a roasting tin and heat it in an oven at a temperature of 220°C until you see the smoke. Take the tin out of oven and add potatoes while basting them. Now put the tin back into the oven for 1 hour till the potatoes are roasted golden and crunchy.

4. Green salad (anti-oxidant) – very good for weight loss

Green salad

a. Complexity level: Easy

b. Time taken: 10-15 minutes

c. Ingredients: Onion – ½, fresh dandelion, freshly chopped coriander – 3 tsp, spinach – 1 cup, grated carrot – 3 tsp, apple cider vinegar to sprinkle.

d. Method: Mix them all and serve with brown rice or vegetable soup.

5. Spinach-fruit salad

Spinach-fruit salad

a. Complexity level: Medium

b: Time taken: 20 minutes

c: Ingredients: Cooked spinach – 2 cups, chopped apricots – 1 cup, Chopped apricots – 2 tsp, coconut crumbs – 1 tsp, crushed almonds – 3 tsp, low fat yogurt, coriander for garnishing

d: Method: In a bowl pour spinach, apricots, coconut crumbs, strawberries, yogurt and almonds. Mix them. Garnish with fresh coriander.

6. Cheese grilled sandwich

Cheese grilled sandwich

a. Complexity level: Medium

b. Time taken: 20 minutes

c. Ingredients: White bread – 4 slices, butter – 3 tsp, cheese – 2 slices

d. Method: Preheat skillet at medium heat. Butter one side of a slice of bread generously. Put butter-side-down bread onto skillet bottom and layer it with 1 slice of cheese. Similarly treat the second slice and put butter-side-up on top of sandwich. Grill until slightly browned and turn over. Keep grilling till cheese melts. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

7. Date macaroons

Date macaroons

You’ll need a food processor to make this sugar-free delight more easy.

a. Complexity level: Medium

b. Time taken: 15 minutes

c. Ingredients: Medium sized dates (pits removed) – 8, Coconut flakes – 1 ½ cups, banana – 1 pc.

d. Method: Put all the ingredients in a food processor and smooth them. Mixture must be moist, but not gooey. Now bake the mix at 325°C for 15-20 minutes. Cookies would be soft and must be cooked enough to have a golden brown bottom and hold well together.

8. Pineapple-brown sugar frozen yogurt

Pineapple-brown sugar frozen yogurt

a. Complexity level: Easy

b. Time taken: 45 minutes

c. Ingredients: 1 ½ cup light brown sugar, undrained crushed pineapple in juice – 2 cans, vanilla low-fat yogurt – 4 cups, vanilla extract.

d. Method: Mix the sugar and pineapple over medium heat in a medium saucepan. Cook until the sugar dissolves while stirring occasionally. Now cool slightly and chill it. Put the above mix, yogurt and vanilla in a large bowl. Pour this mixture into ice-cream can and freeze it. Cover and freeze for 1 hour or till firm.

Good luck with these easy yummy delights where you can make lip smacking delicacies with easily available homely ingredients.

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