Nutrition strategies to employ for that big energy boost

The hustle-bustle in our lives adds to stress in our daily routine. Stress is the cause of several diseases, also it increases the chances of getting serious health issues like cardio vascular and psychosomatic diseases. Stress leaves one depleted of energy, fatigued and ill. Who likes to feel dull and sluggish? Apart from managing stress, exercising and healthy eating gives us energy. How eating habits can help us boost our energy?

Breakfast is Important

Breakfast is Important

Skipping breakfast is not good for your health. Research has shown that a healthy breakfast will energize you and keep your body mechanism functioning better. Often people exempt breakfast in order to save calories, which prove otherwise in the long run. For an energy packed day, you can have seeds, nuts, whole grain bread, fresh fruits, whole grain cereal and milk in the morning.



A few good sources of omega-3 fats are fish, walnuts, green leafy veggies, flax seeds, hemp oil, hemp seeds, and flax oil. Including these in your diet will elevate your mood, enhance your memory and thinking ability. The result will be that you will be more alert and have more energy.


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The antioxidants that you get in pills are nowhere close to what you get from the natural sources. Plant based substances like fruits and vegetables have tremendous antioxidants. Antioxidants remove the chemicals from our body that cause stress on the immune system and make us feel tired and energy less.

Eat Nutritious Food

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The smart way is to include food in our diet that has more nutrition and less of calories. Food is broken down into energy in our bodies, the process requires a lot of vitamins and minerals. With a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the cells in our body will provide us abundant energy. Certain foods that you can include in your diet are whole grains, lean proteins, seeds, nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables.

Walk to Get Energized


This fact has been proven by a study in the California State University years ago but still relevant. Subjects were asked alternately to eat a candy bar or walk briskly for 10 minutes. Walking proved to be better than eating a candy bar in terms of being energized for a longer duration. Next time you feel fatigued in office take a 10-minute walk.

Changing your eating habits will help you in the long run, the more nutrition you include in your diet the more energized you will be.

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