Everyone has his or her own ideal of beauty but the vast majority will confirm that a perfect body must be free of fats. Ancient Greek statues are great examples depicting superb female and male bodies. Nowadays, physical appearance means a lot and people make efforts to become more attractive and alluring to the society. However, this goal may not be as easy as it seems. Naturally, a couple of extra pounds are much easier to shed compared to the real overweight issues.

Why First Diet and Then Train?

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The majority of athletes and celebrities claim that they had to spend hours in gym to shape their bodies. They also advocate taking balanced diet but it is more like an additional effort to balance the daily nutrition. Although the society follows famous people, the dieting method to carve physique is out of trend. It means that some users opt for dieting instead of burning fat through gym training and calisthenics. The reason for such reverse comprehension is laziness. Naturally, it is much easier to discontinue the use of some food than lift weights, run or cycle for miles.

Is Dieting So Effective?

You know that around one hundred diet programs are available, which include the Paleo diet, rich-in-protein diet, 2,000-calories diet etc. A common feature of all programs is the restriction on certain foods. For example, sugar and alcohol are not included in almost all diets. At first glance, it may seem bad – you avoid junk or unwholesome food to improve your body. However, your body may require some particular ingredient that you may have discontinued due to a certain diet program. Thus, lack of nutrients interrupts certain body processes that could result in negative effect on overall health.

Mental Stress

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In addition to the above-mentioned effects on the physiological health, the mental health of the dieters is also at risk. The deliberate body deprivation of essential nutrient elements has a huge stress on the mind. A dieter starts feeling him or herself as a recluse in a society since he or she is not capable to enjoy the benefits available for other people. It may sound weird but the largest share of a dieter’s thoughts are related to food. So, the food becomes the center of a human activity expelling the other joys of happy living. If your dieting is affecting your mental health, it’s important to not only speak to a nutritionist or doctor, but also to seek out online therapy to help with any issues around food you may be having.

In spite of aforementioned disadvantages, we cannot claim that dieting has a zero performance. Indeed, you can shed pounds when taking a well-balanced diet. However, it does not mean that your body will be attractive. The signs of a healthy and sound body include toned muscles and less accumulation of fat. Dieting is partly privy to the latter. Muscle tone is out of the question. Besides, most diets reduce the overall weight, which further mean that your muscles get lean.

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