How Isagenix fares when pitted against its alternatives

Vega One

Searching a soy-free shake packed with a qualitative protein can result in various products including IsaLean Shake. It is also known as Isagenix Shake due to the name of its manufacturing company. Although the shake is marketed as a weight loss supplement, if you look at the content of sugar and calories you might see that it has an opposite target. Indeed, 240 calories in each dose is a huge value for the product that is designed to help people shed excess weight. A staggering eleven grams of sugar is also recognized as a flaw. Besides, the source of sugar is a fructose that is known for its negative effect on the liver and for stimulation of the production of fat.

In spite of the mentioned drawbacks, the supplement by Isagenix does have a few positive features. First of all, the quality of the protein is satisfactory. The basic source of this essential component is represented by whey protein concentrate. Although the amount of protein in one serving is rather sufficient (24g), it provides a short-term feeling of satiation.

Another advantage of this product is a taste. According to the package label, a user can enjoy a delicious creamy chocolate flavor.

If you review the opinion of the customers, you will learn that almost everyone is satisfied with the taste but few users can confirm the effectiveness of the shake. The other concern is the price of Isagenix. It is rather pricey because a sum exceeding $100 for a monthly set of servings is too exaggerated.

We offer you to look at some alternatives for the similar price or cheaper but more effective in use.


If talking about the price, Shakeology is the more expensive alternative since it requires around $130 for a monthly package. According to the other features, this product looks similar to IsaLean. The shake does not contain soy or artificial flavors. The quality of protein is also impressive. Besides, a set of around 70 ingredients offers some exquisite and natural components.

The energy value of Shakeology cannot be called high since 160 calories is a sufficient value. The main benefit of the product is its great performance which has been confirmed by numerous customers.

Vega One

Vega One

Another great alternative is called Vega One. The product is purely natural and cheaper than the two above-mentioned supplements. Looking at the nutritional values of the shake one can understand that the product is designed to help in a struggle against an overweight. This is evidenced by the low sugar content and a moderate amount of calories.

The main disadvantage of the shake is its unsatisfactory taste. Besides, the users note a poor efficiency in suppressing hunger.

18 Shake

If you need the best solution, here it is. 18 Shake embraces all the positive features of its competitors and removes their flaws. As a result, a user gets an effective natural supplement for an affordable price. A high-qualitative protein providing 15 grams in each serving makes you feel full for a rather long period. And the taste of the shake is beyond praise.

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