Latest Trends in Food Packaging 2020

Trends in Food Packaging

Thanks to the Internet and social media, the average customers is more empowered than ever. Unless your brand happens to be established in a niche market, you have to face a breakneck competition.So, updating your products with the latest trends in packaging is a must. It is amongst the initial steps towards gaining both your customer’s trust and attention. Let’s take a look at some of the major food packaging trends that are prominent right now and are also expected to dominate the entire 2020.

5 Latest Trends in Food Packaging 2020

1. Minimalism

Trends in Food Packaging In order to show everything that their product is capable of doing, a lot of food packaging brands tend to overstuff the packaging with text and visuals. While doing this we don’t realize that the customers generally don’t have much time to spare. They’d most probably throw just a single glance at your product and move forward. So, to best grab their attention, you need a minimalist approach. On the face of the product, you just need to highlight its name along with defining quality, leaving the other properties at the back. Follow that up with a minimal yet catchy design, and you’d have a better chance of getting the customer’s attention.

2. Sustainability

Surveys from all around the world show that the consumers (particularly the millennials among them) care about the environment. Even if your product isn’t particularly sustainable, you can still reach out to the customer base by opting for eco-friendly packaging. Just make sure that you mention the same at the back of your product description.

3. Portability

Trends in Food Packaging Consumers nowadays have a very ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle. They’d prefer that the product is handy enough to fit-in with their lifestyle. So, ask yourself,is your food packaging handy enough? Is it easy to hold and carry even with the packaging? If it is, then you would surely be benefitted from it.

4. Transparency

You can think of transparency in two ways. First, if you let the consumer see through the package what it is that they are getting, then that’d would have a positive impact (provided that your product has a good aesthetic impression). The second type of transparency is fulfilling the consumer’s expectations i.e. making the product look as good as it is in its picture on the package. This would not only increase your chances of getting a recurring customer, it’d also make your product more Instagram friendly.

5. Unique brand Image

Trends in Food Packaging Having a singular brand image is important for the longevity of your food packaging business. Most of the brands have loads of competitors nowadays. So, rather than copying them, focus on what makes you different. Having a brand story and putting it on your food packaging is important. The story should have a philanthropic side to it, and it should be something around which you can easily run a successful social media campaign.

Final Words

No matter whether you are launching a new product or whether you aiming to increase the sales of your previous products, following these five food packaging trends might help you a lot. However, if you already have trusted food packaging designers with yoy, you need not worry. They must be having a thorough knowledge of all these trends and you’d just need to have frank discussion with them.

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