International Camaraderie To Offer Arab Families Holiday Assistance

Arab world rejoice Christmas in distinct way, as Arab Middle-East is home to most ancient Christian denominations of the world. Middle-East Arab is marked by minority of Arab communities spread in different regions to varying concentration level.  Every year, Christmas is celebrated by most of the Muslims in this region that reflects global trend.


Western Crosses Middle-Eastern Fare

Christmas in Middle-East region is greatly commemorated in the way of western Christians. Unlike Christmas celebration in America and Europe, people here in Arab Middle-East decorate trees, dance and have fun while maintaining idiosyncratic touch in decorating trees. Christmas Eve in Turkey turned out to be a grand event in the dusk with rice and lamb as feast food in day hours. Majority of Arab families is now adopting traditional holiday customs of west. Christmas feasts usually consist of chicken, Kubbeh made up of cooked meat, burghul crushed with onion, salt, pepper and rice.

International Fellowship To Provide Christmas Feast For Arab Christians

International comradeship of Jews with Christians has come up with food vouchers for 650 poor Arab families this season. By providing these food vouchers, Arab families can get food for this year Christmas festivity in Nazareth, Akko, Isfiya, Jerusalem and many other communities. On one hand, The Fellowship helps needy Arab families in almost every sector of Israel on constant basis while on the other hand, it conducts many more special projects prior religious holidays. Assistance is normally provided to Jewish families prior Holy Days.


According to Rabbi Eckstein, founder of Fellowship, an era when dearth in Israel was worsening, international fellowship continue to watch out immediate assistance for needy communities. To assure future for country, Fellowship strengthens up and guarantees wellbeing to needy families.  International Fellowship works with a hope that their contribution will assist families celebrate this year Christmas in dignity. In 2012, International Fellowship donated around $1.6 million schemes in more than 60 Arab regions. This special project costs $59,000 meant entirely to help people in need covering up all their basic requirements such as medicine, transportation, medical appointments and food.

International Fellowship also runs treatment centers to help people at risks in different Arab Areas. Moreover, it also helps single mothers as well as widows to become self-reliant in many Bedouin communities. In past few years, total cost incurred from Fellowship contribution for Arab Sectors experienced a sudden growth of $16.8 million that includes aid to needy, care for kids and youth generation at risk.

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