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[box_dark]Serving Up Holidays in Style with Turkey[/box_dark]

Thanksgiving! The word is magic, forming images of cozy meals with the family. The main star of the show is, without a doubt, the turkey bird. The method of cooking and serving the delectable bird is a concern for many but there exist plenty of ways to make these traditional chores a lot easier and fun at the same time.

Holiday Turkey 2

[box_dark]Cooking the Turkey: Up the Style Quotient[/box_dark]

Cooking a turkey involved roasting the entire bird in the oven. But that is so last decade. Now, the options for cooking as well as seasoning have increased greatly. Brining happens to be the most popular method of seasoning. The main problem faced by many of you during this process is how to soak of 20 pound bird. You need to opt for a brining bag.

Brining bags are as convenient to buy as they are to use. You can purchase brining bags from the grocery stores. If you are concerned regarding the fact that your bird is likely to take up most of your precious refrigerator room, there are many quick tutorials available online and in books that shows you the proper way to brine and store a turkey within a camping cooler.

Many wish to try their hand at frying a turkey. But most of you are put off when you realize that frying would mean entrusting the star of the family meal to a not-so-safe backyard cooker. Either that or you would need to invest in oil, amounting to five gallons or even more, and then find the right way to dispose of it. Your best bet in this case seems to be an oil-less fryer. These useful devices cost between $119 and $149 and they are capable of handling turkeys, up to 18 pounds in weight based on the model. Oil-less fryers allow you to put a burn on the turkey minus the risk of injury or fire.


[box_dark]Additional Holiday-themed Accessories[/box_dark]

Turkeys can be tested to see if they are done or not using small white pop-up thermometers. You might want to jazz this activity up a bit with the reusable turkey timer, costing less than $10. The legs of this bright orange turkey when inserted into your bird, prior to cooking, point downward. However, when the bird is done cooking in the oven, the legs stick up in the air.

Such a beautifully cooked bird needs to be served in style. Aprons with turkey motifs are ideal for maintaining the festive air. Spatters can be wiped using turkey tea towels, costing only $15.

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