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Healthy Bites: 10 Foods that fight cold and flu

Changing weather or having excess cold drinks are some key factors of getting cold and flu. To deal with this, don’t just get tempted to some brightly colored cold syrup. Instead full your fridge with lots of green vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals that can boost up your energy and fight your cold with natural ingredients. Don’t let cold and flu affect you badly, instead take a look at following list of healthy foods which can deal with this problem and keep you healthy.

Red bell pepper

Red bell pepper is said to be more effective just like an orange which acts as immune-enhancing. It acts as an essential weapon in your flu-fighting. According to a research, it has been found that red bell pepper minimizes the cold duration by 80 percent. It also eliminates the symptoms like sniffles and cough. You can eat red bell peppers by adding the chopped ones in omelets or in sandwiches. Some people also add it in quick spaghetti sauce or as a drizzle over your favorite whole-wheat pasta.

Chicken soup

According to a research, it is said that chicken soup is good for cold. The recipe of chicken soup should include sweet potatoes, celery stems, onions, chicken, carrots, turnips, celery stems and parsley. All these ingredients together give a good result in fighting against the problem of cold and flu. Chicken stock is considered as one of the cold-fighting ingredients among all. The chicken soup base effectively slows down the production of mucus because of which the breathing process becomes easy during cold.

Green tea

Green tea is efficient to boost up your immune system. The chemical called epigallocatechin gallate is needed for improving immune system. Green tea is enriched with this chemical. You also get to enjoy other health benefits like relief to throat, sound sleep and elimination of tiredness. For more effectiveness, you can add fresh mint leaves, 1-inch chunk of fresh ginger and a twist of orange peel.

Sweet potatoes

This vegetable is also known as an immune-enhancing food. It includes beta carotene, a vitamin giving sweet potatoes the orange pigment. This pigment then gets converted to vitamin A in the body. This vitamin helps in treating the respiratory infections. To make this dish, you have to grate the potatoes with a cheese grater in a skillet sprayed with cooking spray. You can also add salt, cumin and pepper for better taste. Then cook it for 5 min and serve it hot. It will definitely show the positive result in the patient.


It contains pro-biotics which are considered as good bacteria that deal with flu. It lines out our intestines and protects the body against invading germs. You are advised to get plain yogurt which does not have much calories and sugar is also less as compared to the fruit-flavored version. You can add some sweetness with a teaspoon of honey. This yogurt can act as an immune booster as it feeds good bacteria in our gut.


It is said to be traditional way to cure flu and cold. It is known for its legendary germ-fighting abilities. Even these days it is promoted as healthy food that comes with many medicinal properties. Garlic is one such nutritious product that increases the immunity system of the body. Other than this, it also adds up spice in your meal which is effective for your stuffy nose that makes everything taste bland.


It is considered as one good source which comes with antioxidant vitamin E. It is one disease fighting food which increases the immunity system of the body. If you have flu and cold, then you are advised to have at least 24 almonds every day as snacks. You can also chop it and place it on salads, oatmeal or stir fries. It is also good for your skin and hair.


It is enriched with zinc and contains minerals which keep our immunity system strong as compared to other food. You are advised to eat 3 oysters in your daily routines to get the right amount of zinc. For many people it can be difficult to include it in diet regularly, however other foods like pumpkin seeds, breakfast cereals fortified and baked beans also include zinc.


It contains gingerol, which is a compound of natural plant that helps to fight against infection. You can add chunk of the spicy root in cup of boiling water for making ginger tea, or add it with cooked vegetables.

Brazil nuts

This dry fruit includes selenium which is an antioxidant that protects against the conditions like flu, colds and severe problem like cancer. However, such nuts include high calories, hence make sure you have a control on eating it. If you are not a nut lover, then have beef, tuna or turnkey which also claims to be rich in selenium and other mineral.

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