Make your own Gingerbread House for Christmas

Gingerbread house: Step by step tutorial

Creating a gingerbread house is a job that requires patience, time and effort together. Ideally it takes two days to construct a gingerbread house. The frosting requires its own time to set up as a mortar, on which the other framework of the entire gingerbread is made. Make sure that the room in which you have made the gingerbread house is isolated from pets and kids. Here we have for you different ways to make your own gingerbread house for this Christmas, a step by step tutorial to make it a child’s play. Here we go:

1. To start with you will require a cardboard and the template of the house. To cover the house bases have a foil with you. In addition, source two batches of dough and frosting respectively. If you want to light up your house, bring some LED lights and place them at through the base. In case you want to give your house a particular look then it can be also worked upon at this stage, right before you start building the exterior.

2. The dough that is used to build the gingerbread house is delectable and fragrant but once it has been used in constructing the house, it becomes hard as a tile on cooling. The house in any case should not get wet as it disintegrates readily. Roll the dough in long ropes of half an inch in diameter and one into a rectangular sheet to make the roof of your gingerbread house. Bake the rolled and rectangular dough after brushing it with egg yolk added with little water. The white part of the egg can be used for frosting later.

3. After being done with the primary structures, the most important task is to make house templates and carefully cut the gingerbread into requisite shapes. Cut it to make doors, windows and other shapes to give a distinct and attractive look to your gingerbread house. One can also apply some decorations like almond, real candies or frosting to make it look better. For making frosting, you will need egg whites and some cups of powdered sugar. Make a powder of the egg white as well to add sugar in it. Beat the mixture well to make a fine powder out of it and keep it in refrigerator.

4. Once the dough cools down to acquire the desired hardness, it’s the time to assemble the gingerbread house just like you always wanted. With the help of the frosting try to set together the different parts just as bricks are cemented while building a house. Let the frosting dry to hold the different pieces into a single structure as a whole. Once the walls and foundation of the gingerbread house has dried, try setting the roof of the house. Before setting the roof, one can also decorate the interior of the house with some lights or any other thing. Then just prop the roof on the top of the gingerbread house and leave it to dry. Now, trim the fascia and fit it against each other on the top of the roof. Do it very carefully as it may fall and even cause damage to the structure beneath.

5. Now as your gingerbread house is ready, you should now spread fostering readily all over the gingerbread house to give it a beautiful look and also set pipe or roof decorations at your wish. Make sure that the fostering is uniformly applied and no space is left without it. Once you are done with it, you will have a beautiful gingerbread house that took shape out of your imagination. The gingerbread house you build can be of any shape and size depending upon what kind of template you had in your mind while working it out. Over the times we have seen gingerbread houses measuring forty feet in height to those reaching a few millimeters.

6. You can also make different characters like children, witches and more to play around your gingerbread house. Just cut out the characters out of the baked cookies and glue them using frosting around the house.

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