Watch your manners while having Singaporean food

The food paradise on earth, Singapore is a unique combination of taste and variety. While dining a Singaporean cuisine, one must watch his/her manners. Let us be aware of a few basic customs of using hand and the chopstick while having a Singaporean cuisine.


Small tips to have Indian and Muslim food

For Indian food like roti Prata, nasi lemak, nasi briyani and nasi padang the correct and most impressive way is to use our right hand to take it. Remember, do not use left hand at all.

Use of fingers to grab a bite

Not to forget that we must not use our ring finger and the small one to grab a bite. Instead of using the entire hand, only the fingers should touch the food items, as it adds hygiene and grace to it.


Keep hand-food contact as less as it can be

Try to keep the hand-food contact as less as possible. Use thumb to grab a bite and put it in your mouth by moving a little forward.

Prata to be torn off with one hand

You can eat bread by dipping it into the curry. However, make sure to torn prata off with one hand and that too using thumb and the index finger. And do not forget to dip it into the curry.


Chopsticks for Chinese food

Hold chopstick with the support of the ring finger and the thumb, if it slides down use the ring finger to slide it upwards. You should not hold the stick too lightly. While keeping the two sticks together use the edges of three fingers (Thumb, index, ring finger) to get a firm grip on it. While tossing up the upper stick and tossing it down (while eating) you can grab a bite, but not to forget that the lower stick stays steady. After practicing with the same method, time after time, one gets used to it without a hitch.


Holding a chopstick not only demands a gentle grip but if it slides downwards, a little slide upwards through the ring finger would be a help. While grabbing a bite, loosen your grip and then grab the bite and hold it firmly.

The famous proverb practice makes one perfect stands true. The old Chinese customs of using chopsticks can be little tricky for you in the beginning but the custom comes along with a lot of hygiene, adding a lot of grace to this simple but a very essential task of dining the Singaporean cuisine.


Singaporean food may taste delicious, but you must follow certain etiquette while enjoying the food.

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