Eat right before your yoga sessions

Specific food intake before your yoga session boosts the outputs of the session. Certified yoga instructor Ellen Barrett mentions eating apple before yoga sessions. She says, “Apples hydrate your body along with providing it the right amount of sugar needed for exercising. They also induce Vitamin C and fiber in the body.” Here is a list of the right food you must eat before your yoga classes.



Almonds provide instant energy and reduce hunger. They contain Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium that provide good stamina. This helps during the boat post of yoga. However, make sure that almonds are not too salty.



Oatmeal is light snacks one can have before yoga. They can help you sustain through your completely yoga session, without tiring you down. Moreover, oatmeal is easy on the body and digest fast. However, you need to add less sugar to the oatmeal.

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Another fruit that benefits is the pears. It acidic levels are low and hence do not harm your body during the session. They contain high proportion of fibers that keep your hunger in control.



Sugar is instant energy to the body and raisins contain good proportion of sugar. Moreover, you can hog on them on your way to the yoga class.



Bananas are advised not only during gym sessions but also before yoga workouts. They contain potassium and sodium. This hydrates the body. Moreover, they are rich in fiber thus keeping your stomach full for a long time.



Another source of natural sugar is apricots. This is another easy to have snacked, that you can carry in your gym bag or your track pant pockets.



A high water content fruit, this keeps your body cool and maintains the acid levels. This is especially advisable during summers when the body poses the threat of de-hydration. It also keeps the skin moist thus reducing the fear of sun burns.



A spoonful or bowl of yoghurt before yoga can give you the right amount of protein needed. Moreover, it contains lactose, which is a form of sugar. Have it in the form of yoghurt or in the form of buttermilk. Buttermilk can also provide you sufficient amount of water content for the body. This is advisable during summers when the body is in need of hydrated drinks.


These tiny meals before your yoga can help you maintain your body weight and keep you energized always.

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