How breakfast can help endure the hectic day ahead

Many a times we skip breakfast because we either are running short of time to reach office or simply to lose weight. However, many do not know that skipping breakfast is hazardous to the body. Firstly, people who skip breakfast eat more during lunch or pre-lunch. Secondly, skipping breakfast increases the acid levels in our body, thus causing health issues that when repeated can cause long-term problems.

Dieticians suggest eating food at a regular interval of 2-3 hours, as it induces digestion and helps burn calories faster. Skipping breakfast however, does the bang opposite. It not only aggravates the acidic levels in the stomach, but also makes you less attentive and productive in your work.


Importance of breakfast in kids:

Kids need more breakfast volume than adults do. Sounds surprising, but that is true. Since the growth of body and brains is higher in kids as compared to adults, regular intake of food is compulsory. Skipping breakfast can break this harmony. Kids skipping breakfast also many a times skip school. Moreover, they give less attention to the school lectures due to empty stomachs and cravings for food.

Body needs energy in the morning. As sleep causes digestion, the stomach longs for fresh intake in the morning. If not provided, it breaks the stored carbohydrates and sugar, which in turn can cause weakness. Moreover, a hungry stomach stops the brains too from working. How do you expect to work effectively on an empty stomach?


Breakfast does not take much preparation time. A simple bowl of cornflakes filled with milk and dry fruit is sufficient to keep you full till lunch. Moreover, oatmeal, brown breads or a healthy fruit shake can also be filling. Fruit salads or a glass full of milk can also do the trick.

Moreover, if you do not have time to prepare breakfast you can always enroll your kid to the breakfast program in school. If not you can keep a sandwich ready in the night which can be handed over to be hogged on while going to school.


Simple yet easy breakfast recipes can avoid your habit of skipping breakfast. Understanding the relevance of the most important meal of the day is important.

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