Drinks that can help keep heart diseases at bay

Studies have named some common drinks that fight heart and other diseases, including these in the recommended levels, in your daily routine can help you in leading healthy life.

Alcohol in moderation can prevent heart attacks

Alcohol in moderation

In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, some remarkable results were discovered. The subjects, 14,629 men and women were divided in different groups as:

  • Non alcoholics
  • Former alcoholics
  • People who took up to 7 drinks in a week
  • People who took between 7 to 14 drinks in a week
  • People who consumed between 14 to 21 drinks in a week
  • And those who took more than 21 drinks in a week

Woman is clutching her chest, acute pain possible Heart attack

After a 25-year study, it was found that 1,237 women and 1,271 men from the group developed heart diseases. Since the people in this study were in the age group of 45 to 64, the researchers took into account their diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, smoking and their physical activities.

It was concluded that the people who consumed up to seven alcoholic drinks in a week had a lower risk of a heart attack than the non-alcoholics. The researchers also defined the drink as containing 14 grams or about ½ ounce of alcohol in it.

Cranberry Juice can control heart disease, diabetes and even strokes

Cranberry Juice

Consuming 16 oz of cranberry juice a day for a period of eight weeks improved blood sugar and blood pressure levels in subjects. The study conducted by the United States department of agriculture has revealed the benefits of consuming cranberry juice and discovered the substance in cranberry juice that fights diseases is polyphenol.

As per the estimates of The World Health Organization, about 15.6 million people die because of diabetes, heart diseases and strokes, every year. Drinking cranberry juice regularly may prevent several deaths due to these diseases.

Red wine is good for heart

Couple enjoying wine tasting.

Although the recommended ‘dosage’ of red wine is a glass per day, it can prevent a clot from developing in the vessels of the heart. A study has revealed that by consuming red wine, good cholesterol levels rise in the body. Substances like resveratrol found in red wine are beneficial for the heart and may prevent the ailments of the heart in an individual.

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants

green tea

You probably might have heard this one. This non-fermented tea contains antioxidants that fight heart diseases. The consumption of green tea prevents strokes, coronary artery disease, congestion of blood and even minimizes the level of cholesterol in the blood stream.

Preventing a heart disease could not be that difficult if we stick to the recommendations of the doctors, dieticians and experts on the subject.

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