10 Must know dining etiquettes for modern diners

Dining etiquettes

The dining etiquette of today’s multi-ethnic society has changed manifolds. Now the scope of the word ‘Dining Etiquette’ has grown more complex and become plural. But to make a positive impression on others we require to know all of them. You will feel more confident about your conduct while dining, if you know them all.

Here are the 10 modern etiquette of dining

1) Dress yourself accordingly

Take enough time to find the right dress for you. For getting a quick solution to this problem just ask yourself one question and that is ‘with whom am I going out for dinner?’ Through this you can decide whether you should wear something formal or just casuals will work. Be cautious while choosing the pair of shoes or sandals, they should not be the ones which create a lot noise while walking. It can be a source of embarrassment for you.

2) Be a gentleman

If you are going out with a woman, allow her to get in first. Let her sit first and while ordering the food ask for her choice for the same. Do not discuss the price of food before ordering. After enjoying the meal and conversation, offer to pay for the bill.

3) Don’t be loud or noisy

Sometimes people get a lot noisy while talking to each other, it might be out of excitement or their habit. But one need to keep a check on this habit while dining out. They must give others equal opportunities for expressing their views. Always talk about pleasant things.

4) Offer food to others first

If you are taking someone along with you out for a dinner, offer the food to him/her first. Do not just start filling up your plate first. The food should be passed from left to right. One should not stretch across the other side of table crossing other guests, to reach the food. You should wait for others to start eating before you do.

5) Be polite with waiting staff

The way a person acts or reacts in public reveals his/her true personality. If you are not behaving in a right manner with the waiting staff in a restaurant, then even your most expensive suit or dress cannot conceal your bad image. Always say please when asking for something and say thank you to the server.

6) Don’t be a noisy eater

This is one of the basic manner that we should not create any type of sound while chewing, gulping food or while using the cutlery. It’s the number one sin among dinner table etiquette. One should not talk while eating. It is very distasteful to watch. Wait until the food has been swallowed by you.

7) Dining out with kids

Some of the good tricks to keep your kid busy and avoiding him/her from creating any nuisance can be: Taking multiple noiseless toys, games, books etc along with you. Do not take coloring material with you, through which they can stain tablecloth or wall.

8) Don’t play with gadgets

It is generally seen that people while dining, are more interested in checking emails on their cellphone or listing to music on their ipods rather than talking with the others sitting with you. If you need to take up a call, you must excuse yourself from the table and must take a call outside the restaurant.

9) Avoid mockery of others

While sitting at such a public place one should not be involved in starring or making comments on others sitting there. The general topic of mockery for girls at these places is the dressing or eating style of someone else, which is a bad habit.

10) Don’t play with utensils

Unconsciously some people start playing with the spoon or plate that creates unbearable noise. Or someone will just mix two different sauces into each other. These are some of the common examples of bad habits noticed in a restaurant. You need to keep a check on these habits and be patient until the food arrives on to your table.

We need to learn right etiquette to avoid any embarrassment while eating out in public places. It is generally said that good manners or etiquette is a way to show that you respect others and also, that you know how to behave in a society.

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