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Wheat Bran – An Effective Source of Dietary Fiber for Healthy Bowel

Healthy bowel means healthy body. Keeping your body clean from within would keep you away from many ailments and even various types of cancers. Effective bowel movement can be attained by improving the fiber intake. To avail the maximum benefit, it is suggested that you use the natural source of fiber and not the supplements. Wheat Bran is one such effective natural source of fiber that brings in many positive changes in your body. While this term is not new to the world of health and nutrition, not many take the advantage of this fiber to its full virtue because of ignorance about its applications and benefits. The humble fiber not only removes the harmful toxins from your body, but also offers varied health benefits that prevent many lifestyle diseases.

What is wheat bran?

Wheat bran is the outer layer of the wheat grain that is usually discarded after the process of harvesting. After harvesting the crop, it is sent to the mill where the germ, endosperm, and bran are separated from the grain. This process is being used since years, but with proper research in the field of food and nutrition, it has been proved that there are many health benefits even in discarded bran. It is found that bran is formed from about 90% insoluble fibers. There is substantial research backing the use of bran to treat bowel irregularities and other ailments related to colon. Due to this, nutrition experts are now recommending wheat bran as the effective source of dietary fiber. It is also finding place in many medicines.

Applications and benefits of wheat bran

Being a dietary fiber, the prime application of bran is to support the process of digestion, accelerate colon action, improve bowel frequency, ease the stool output, and fight constipation. It is added to the diet for preventing and easing out symptoms of following health issues.

  • Heart Disease –High fiber diet has always shown promising results in controlling heart issues. The fiber content in cereals and fruits have been effective in clearing blockage in arteries, reducing cholesterol levels, and checking the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Certain research has also proved that risk of coronary heart failure is reduced by 25% on increasing the intake of cereal fiber by 10g. There are many factors that together affect the heart health, however increasing the fiber intake in the form of wheat bran may not pose any side-effects.
  • Colon Cancer –According to the data revealed by the Cancer Research Institute, colon cancer is third most commonly occurring cancer. Butyric acid formed when colon bacteria breaks up the bran is quite effective in fighting tumors. Consumption of bran makes the stool bulky and inhibits the carcinogens from reacting with colon cells. Wheat bran would reduce the transit time of excretion by accelerating the process. This will leave very less contact time between the fecal matter and colon cells, hence the effect of ill elements on colon would be reduced to large extent.


  • Breast Cancer –Evidences also suggest that dietary fiber has role to play in managing breast cancer as well. Fiber binds estrogen and controls weight, which would work great in controlling the breast cancer mainly in premenopausal women.
  • Weight Loss – It is quite clear by now that wheat bran helps in losing weight. Fiber helps in weight loss by keeping you full for longer. Adding fiber to the breakfast would suppress your appetite for longer time and removes the urge of frequent snacking. It has been observed that continuing with high fiber diet may work for effective weight maintenance.
  • IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS is chronic health problem that affects the life of the person badly. Though wheat bran is not found effective in curing this problem, it would ease down the symptoms well. If you are suffering from severe symptoms of IBS then don’t take wheat bran without doctor’s advice as it would sometimes even worsen the symptoms.

Other than the above mentioned severe health conditions, regular consumption of wheat bran would also work well on your digestive health and may check constipation. Regular consumption of wheat bran in any form would help you with beautiful skin and toned body as well. So, if you are not yet wooed with its amazing health benefits then have it for the glowing skin.The part of cereal that was till date discarded has suddenly become the important dietary recommendation, so add it to your breads, soup, porridge, or any dish you eat for maximum health benefits without compromising your taste buds.

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