Must have cookwares for a macrobiotic kitchen

Macrobiotic Cooking EssentialsA healthy lifestyle is desired by one and all. The perfect ingredients for a healthy and happy life are hidden in a macrobiotic diet. Macrobiotic diet is a kind of diet which involves maximum consumption of legumes along with other diet supplements as fresh veggies, fruits. A macrobiotic diet is quite different from a normal diet as it involves a lot of chewing activity, as compared to any other normal diet. Macrobiotic cooking is easier and simpler than normal cooking. A lot of things have been omitted from the macrobiotic diet as beef and poultry products or those food items which are highly processed and refined.

It is essential for a macrobiotic diet follower to have the following cookwares in kitchen as the cooking regimen in such a diet is a bit different. Though many are similar to the normal kitchen cookwares, a few that demand attention are:

1. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

As mentioned above, macrobiotic diet lays special emphasis over the consumption of legumes on a high basis, therefore, the knight in shining armor for your grains and legumes is the stainless steel pressure cooker. Pressure cooking is always preferable for those on the go, and it is also a healthy way of cooking as it preserves vitamins and minerals of the food, and a whistle does the rest of your job.

2. Medium or Large Cast Iron Skillet

A medium or large cast iron skillet is a tough kitchen cookware that is always handy. Cast iron is a material that is easy to clean and it’s rough surface allows the food to be cooked in the right temperature and absorb maximum heat evenly. Take care that your cast iron skillet is seasoned well as then it may double up as a non-stick pan, much to your surprise. A skillet is always preferred when you talk of shallow-fries and roasts.

3. Medium Suribachi and Surikogi

A Japanese mortar and pestle, this one is surely a worth buy. A superior replacement to the old mortar and pestle where you can only grind and paste. This mortar and pestle has fine ridges running down the bowl, that help in grinding and pasting in a better way.

4. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

An enameled cast iron Dutch oven is the best when you are thinking of indulging in a macrobiotic diet. The Dutch oven is great when used for roasting, braising and slow cooking. Though it’s a bit expensive, but every good thing has a price, and so has the enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

5. Medium-Sized Salad Press

A healthy option for jiffy pickles and quick salads. The medium-sized salad press is best when your time is slipping out of hands, and lunch or dinner has to be prepared in an eye’s wink, then, the salad-press is absolutely God send for you.

6. Additional Items

Your cookware list will be complete if you add a few more kitchen wares to your list as a medium sized saucepan, a soup-pot, a blender cum juicer, and some good quality cutlery as sharp knives, round spoons.

Happy Cooking!

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