Cooking tips that can help you make better, healthier food

Many people wonder on tips and tricks to make their favorite food healthier. Eating healthy does not mean you have to give up your favorite food. In fact, adapting certain tips while cooking can turn your recipe into something new that is healthy and better.

When you are cooking your favorite recipes, Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some healthy tips to make it healthier while still maintaining the taste.

Consider eating steamed food

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Steamed food is quick and easy to cook. Steamed food is healthy when compared to fried food. While cooking the steamed food, the food is covered that retains all the nutrients and vitamins inside the food. Moreover, steaming does not need any oils for cooking, which makes it low fat food. Steamed food also makes the food tender and soft making it easy to digest. One should consider eating steamed food, as one can steam almost all kinds of food. Replacing frying with steaming is therefore a good and healthy idea to foster healthy lifestyle.

Switch to good fats from bad fats

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While taste of almost all the high fat foods is good, they can lead to obesity, which in turn leads to many other diseases like heart diseases and high blood pressure. Replacing the bad fats with good one is a great idea to stay away from many diseases. Butter contains bad fats that can make you fat thus leading to many other diseases. When cooking something with butter, consider replacing it with some other oil like olive or canola oil. Using oils instead of butter can reduce the chances of obesity to almost fifty percent. Switching to good fats is a good idea if you want to eat oily food.

Cut down sugar from diet

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As sugar does not contain any vitamins or minerals, but only calories, reducing the use of sugar in food can minimize the chances of high sugar levels. Cutting sugar down from the diet can save you from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Instead of eating sugar, you can choose any healthy alternative of sugar for sweetening. Honey, date sugar, and coconut sugar is a healthy options for replacing sugar. While making desserts, you can choose any of these substitutes of sugar that makes your food healthy.

Shop for healthy food

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To foster healthy eating habits, one must take care of food while shopping. When going to shop for food, choose some healthy food instead of junk food causing harm to health. Choose low fat version of food like that of milk, yogurt, and cheese. Moreover, avoid buying chips and other oily food that can increase your weight. So, whenever going to shop for food, choose to buy healthy stuff that will automatically turn your bad habits of eating junk into healthy food.


Eating right and exercising regularly helps in maintaining the good health. Healthy food helps reducing the risk of many diseases like obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Moreover, a person can foster healthy life only when he is healthy inside. People must make their life healthy by eating healthy thus enjoying a better life.

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