Can eating certain type of food make you intelligent?


There are people who are born with the ingenuity of Albert Einstein. Others have to work their way to smartness. And so the question is, are you smart enough to deliver on any task effectively and if not, what are you doing about it?  For many years, the issue of being smart-minded has been extensively debated in different places and even now, the issue is not fading away soon. Well, if you do not always perform well at school, for instance, I am pretty sure your parents have at least rained scolds on you a couple of times for bringing home poor grades. So you must have occasioned pondered over what makes a man or woman intellectually outstanding. 


This is a subject is would thus interest any student and many would certainly want to dig deeper, at least to learn what those who provide scholastic and exceptional professional essay writing help do differently. Is it because you hardly have adequate sleep or you can’t remember the last time you hit the gym or even jogged a bit? There are many myths surrounding the issue of brain power, to say the least. A boss at a blue chip company always wants the best workforce and as a result, IQ tests have over the years become yardsticks used to measure the potential of every employee. This information is used to achieve many ends such as designing activities that one is best at or those which are meant to boost brain power.

Is there a link between smart minds and foods?

The blogosphere is replete with articles on how certain foods or diets have strong links with smartness.  It is thus important to filter out paper writing service providers that generally churn and publish the well-researched information. Take a look at these top recommended foods: 

  • Fruit options: Berries and avocados

Fruit optionsFruits are hugely beneficial if being smart is anything to go by. Berries have always been preferred for one reason or another but the top of the list is that they guard against brain degeneration. They are antioxidants sources that further help to prevent diseases like allergies. Blueberries remain highly recommended in this regard. Avocados contain unsaturated fats ideal for brain protection.

  • Green Vegetables

Anyone who is fond of leafy greens can certainly boast of good health and wealth because you won’t spend your days in the hospital. They are a source of minerals and vitamins necessary for the good health of your brain among other body organs.

  • Eggs for breakfast

Fried eggs and toasted breads

This is one food component that certainly shouldn’t miss from the list.  So, what do you get from eggs? Well, your brain cell membranes depend on foods like eggs. They are also rich in antioxidants and choline necessary for brain protection.

  • Fish Options: Salmon and Tuna

Seafood should have been at the top of the list but all the same, brain without Omega-3 fatty acids would experience malfunctions such as poor memory and degraded performance.  Tuna and salmon fish are some of the best options here.

In summary, there are lots of other top choice foods for healthy and smart brains. You should thus be careful with what you consume and most importantly, conscious of the fact that foods play vital roles in enhancing brain power.

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