Seven beauty foods for healthy, glowing skin

Skin is the outlook of an individual’s personality. Shining soft skin adds value to the beauty of an individual. Everyone does not have beautiful skin by birth. But they can make their skin shiny and beautiful by following a disciplined diet routine. Perfect skin complexion is attained by healthy diet. The diet should include fats, protein, with fruits and vegetables. The natural ingredients in the healthy diet take care of skin and nourish it. They also increase the exfoliation of the skin and help in protecting the skin from UV rays. Protecting the skin from UV rays is very important as they are the reason for causing wrinkles and dark spots. The nutritious diet also helps in getting good sleep, reduces cholesterol level, and enhances the development of the brain.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast should never be skipped. Include foods in the breakfast which are nutritious and which will add life to your skin. Nutritious breakfast protects your skin all through the day and gives a fresh shining appearance. Some healthy breakfasts for beautiful skin are mentioned below.

1. Omelette (Italian style)

Simple omelette with added tomatoes benefits the skin a lot. Tomatoes help in protecting the skin from sunburn as it decreases the roughness of skin and increases collagen. Collagen helps in prevention of sagging of skin. Tomatoes also keep a check on the lines and wrinkles which appear with growing age. Antioxidants in egg, i.e., lutein and zeaxanthin, provide a four layered safety to the skin from UV damage.

2. Fruit and spice cut oatmeal

This breakfast is very effective for enhancing the complexion of the skin. It also keeps the heart healthy. The recipe includes spices, fruit and touch of honey to get the sweet taste. Honey is used in place of sugar as sugar causes wrinkles.

3. Greek style frittata

Greek style frittata is prepared in very less time and it adds a lot of value to your skin. It consists of spinach and eggs. The vitamin A in spinach boosts the glow of the skin. Eggs in the meal provide proteins which form collagen to increase suppleness in skin. Eggs also provide antioxidants which safeguard the skin from harmful UV rays.

4. Apple walnut protein pancakes

The combination of grains, protein and fat makes these pancakes perfect breakfast for the day. These pancakes also have a bit of walnuts. Walnuts are rich in ALA omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is very good for skin. Deficiency of ALA omega-3 in our diet can cause dry skin and also scaling of skin.

5. Bagels with lox and cream cheese

As you grow old, skin loses its sheen and starts looking dull. The reason for this is that as age increases the skin produces less oil. Omega-3 fatty acid is an ingredient which helps in replenishing the glow back. Salmon should be made part of the diet as it has omega-3. Salmon is not very tasty. So you can go for the flavored smoked salmon on bagel.

6. Green tea, blueberry and banana smoothie

Green tea is a wonderful healthy drink. It reduces the chances of heart disease and helps in enhancing metabolism. These benefits are known to many but few people know that green tea can also add glow and shine to your skin. Before going out if you consume green tea it shields your skin from the harmful UV rays. The antioxidant present in green tea also protects you against skin cancer. When blueberries are added with green tea and banana smoothie it enhances its antioxidant power.

7. Whole grain cereal and a banana

Cereals and bananas have been a part of breakfast since a very long time. The benefits of this combo breakfast meal are enormous. Antioxidants are main reason behind glowing complexion. Grains are the store house of antioxidants. Cereals like total have zinc in it. Zinc is considered to be beauty supporting element. It is a mineral which has anti-inflammatory capacity and this is very much needed in making of collagen in the skin.

Next time when the morning alarm wakes you up, get up with a fresh mood to have breakfast that will make your skin more beautiful and elegant. You should never bypass the breakfast due to lack of time. Good nutritious breakfast will not only give you energy for the day but will also keep you looking beautiful. So start including the above healthy, nutritious and tasty breakfasts in your meals and get a glowing and shiny skin.

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