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It is not easy to manage your home and office job simultaneously. Long working hours, lack of sleep and worst of all no time to rest – all contribute to different types of aches and pains. Visiting a pain clinic in Chicago for chronic pain will help you to understand what kind of treatment you need to handle your pain. Nevertheless, there are some economical and easy tips that you can use while cooking. Here are some useful back pain management tips to ease the pain when you are working in the kitchen.

Plan your day properly

Scheduling your day is one of the best tips to reduce back pain while cooking. Doing household work or working in the kitchen can take a lot of your time. When you plan your day, it helps you to spend less time in the kitchen. It will also help you to get the much-needed rest your body deserves.

Understand your limitations

We all have limitations and there is nothing wrong with it. Although there are so many Back Pain Management tips, nothing will help you if you do not understand your limitations. It is very important that you should not overstrain yourself and give in to your body every now and then. When you are young, you can still force yourself to get up and work. However, things will eventually become worse as your body grows old.

Proper posture is necessary

Our posture plays a vital role in pain management. Even studies have shown that one of the best pain management tips while doing household chores is to maintain the right posture. While cooking, many women have a habit slouching on the table or slumping while cooking. These postures are bad for your body and the prime reasons for pain. If you want to deal with pain, just alter your posture and see the difference for yourself.

Using the TENS device for back pain management

One of the best things about the TENS device is that you can use them anytime and anywhere. If you log on to the net, it will take you a little time to find the best portable tens unit that will help you out. Nevertheless, this is definitely an option to think about to help you deal with the pain of standing long hours in the kitchen while cooking.

Use a mat while standing/cooking

Since we are looking at Back Pain Management tips while cooking, one of the best ways to deal with pain is by using a mat. This is because the hard floors or surface of the kitchen can play a major toll when you are cooking. A simple rubber mat will make a huge difference and cut the pressure on your feed. This is also one of the easiest tips to reduce back pain while cooking.

Use a long handle broom or wiper

While cooking there are times when we spill or drop things down. For people with chronic pain, it can be very difficult to bend down and clean.

Wear comfortable slippers at home / while cooking

Although slippers are the best thing to use while you are at home, you can consider using orthopedic ones instead of the regular slippers. Orthopedic shoes are not only comfortable but one of the best pain management tools to use while doing household chores.

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