Late night munching snacks and beverages may not be good for our health, but when our hungry stomach craves to eat something during sleep, then we can’t stop ourselves. Sometimes these late night cravings are just our body’s demand for certain nutrients. At late night, we are always ready to eat anything we find in the fridge; especially junk foods. We may not be able to restrict our cravings, but we can fill our closets with healthy eating stuff. Make sure these snacks should not be boring; otherwise, you will again look for junk foods full of calories. And if you are confused that what kind of healthy food you should eat at night, we have a range of lip-smacking meals that will fulfill your hunger craving with low calories at late night.

Healthy Fruits:

Healthy Fruits

These are one of the best munching snacks that you can have any time. Fruits are rich in nutrients, contain low calories, and help our body to function properly.  Eating mouthwatering berries, some slices of apple, a peach, or some grapes can immediately calm your sugar longings. A full bowl of Papaya pieces and a small banana can also be fantastic as for late night meals. Fruits are fully loaded with magnesium, which will help you to take a good night’s sleep. But remember one thing. Do not to consume acidic fruits like pineapples or citrus fruits late night because they can harm your digestive system and can make you restless during the night.

Sugarless Chocolate Pudding:

Sugarless Chocolate Pudding

At late night, when you have an immediate craving to eat chocolate it may be due to the lack of iron and magnesium in your body. But you should not calm your cravings by eating chocolate bars. Chocolates are rich in calories and have highly saturated fats. Sweet dishes and candies are also fully loaded with fats & calories. Munching on these before going to bed can ruin your diet schedule. You can replace chocolate bars with sugarless chocolate puddings that are not only the best solution for sweet cravings but also satisfy the need of nutrients for your body.  Sugar-free puddings contain only 50 to 70 calories per piece, with a minimum of 1 to 2 grams of fat particles.  You can add these puddings to your late night snacks as a replacement for other high sugary and full of calories snacks.

Fat-free Yogurt:

 Fat-free Yogurt

Yogurts can also be a healthy meal for you and will definitely satisfy your sugar cravings. Almost every fat-free yogurt brands that are available in the market contain less than 100 calories. They are highly rich in amino acid tryptophan, vitamin D, and calcium – minerals that are easily digestible and very helpful for a sound sleep. The vital and effective bacterium found in yogurt can get rid of your anxiety hormones, helps to lessen your blood pressure, and stable your digestion system.

So, make sure your late night snacks should be nutritional as well as tasty enough to calm down your cravings.

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