9 – Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz


You need something to pick you during the day and in the evening to help you unwind. A cup of coffee in the morning is fine, but there are other drinks which, according to health gurus, can give a boost to you and are much healthier than coffee. Some of these you can make at home, and you can start off with some store bought ones to know what they should taste like when you make them at home. Here are some non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz:

9 Non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz

1.     Kefir

KefirYou can try to make two kinds of kefir, one which is milk-based and the other is water based. You have to ferment the kefir grains in either milk or water, though milk kefir is considered to be much easier to digest, and it also promotes gut health. Kefir is the latest drink on the block, and you can get it in stores too. It’s one of the drinks and beverages which are going to be the most talked about and tasted in 2019.

2.     Oregano, habanero and pink grapefruit mocktail

There is no better way than to start off your day with a fantastic mocktail like this one. The taste is amazing, it’s refreshing and unusual and give you the right kick to start the day’s work. You can use freshly squeezed orange juice instead of grapefruit.

3.     Degustation mocktails

Degustation-mocktailsThis is one of the non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz, and it seems to be more popular than espresso martinis. These drinks are essentially cold-pressed juice mocktails, which of course makes them far healthier than any drink you can have. The energy boost they give is a high and degustation cocktails are amongst the best cocktails to serve your guests when you entertain these days.

4.     Kvass

A drink which has its origin in Russia, it is made by fermenting rye bread. You can buy the starter kit online if you want to make it at home, but it is available in many stores and bars. The taste is sour and the drink is packed with vitamin B, protein and fiber.

5.     Mint, lime and ice hawthorn tea

Mint-lime-and-ice-hawthorn-teaYou’d never imagine that you could ever get drunk without alcohol, but this incredible tea will give you an even better buzz than alcohol. It’s one of the best cocktails made with mint, lime and ice, but the ingredient which is special in the drink is Hawthorn tea. The tea dilates blood vessels which makes you feel ‘loopy’. It’s a drink designed for the evenings when you want to relax and unwind but without alcohol.

6     Spicy tea

It’s the easiest to make and you would love the taste and the boost it gives. This black tea is made with cardamom and cinnamon, ginger, clove and fennel. It supports digestion, and the great taste does not require any sugar at all to taste good. The spices stimulate, lift your mood and detoxify your body. It’s one of the best non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz.

7.     Mead

MeadThis is one of non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz, and it has been giving a buzz to humans for centuries. This ancient beverage is sweet, carbonated and just delicious. It is made from honey which is fermented. This is one of the drinks and beverages which is really healthy, as it has antibacterial, antifungal as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Besides this is one drink which you can imbibe to get drunk without alcohol.

It does have some amount of alcohol but the amount is really less, less than wine. Keep the alcohol content even less, by mixing club soda, rosemary and mint, which will give a nice twist to the taste as well.

8.     Hot water

This is the best drink possible, the healthiest on the list no doubt. Water helps you stay alert, concentrate and focus better on the job at hand. You’d be surprised at how hot water increases your metabolism and you tend to lose weight faster. And it has zero calories, so you can drink it as much as you want, without thinking about your weight.

9.     Kombucha

KombuchaKombucha is the best replacement for beer. It is a fermented drink which is made from sugar, black tea and ‘scoby’. Kombucha is a wonderful pro-biotic drink which has glucosamine, vitamin B as well as other nutrients which is good for your immune system and liver. It gives a buzz because it might also contain a slight amount of caffeine and alcohol. Limit yourself to two cups a day to be on the safe side.

All these alcohol alternative drinks are delicious, give you an energy boost without any empty calories and detoxify your body. Add your own flair and twist to the mocktails to tweak the drinks to your taste or to make them even fancier party drinks.

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