10 Best stand alone restaurants in New Delhi

Best stand alone restaurants in New Delhi

Restaurants are places that we always cherish having a heart-to-heart conversation with friends or spending quality time with family. This is why the ambiance of the restaurant is of utmost importance. They enhance our memories and give it a vibrant hue that we will remember for all years to come.

Delhi, the capital city of India still holds their Mughal charm and opulence. People of Delhi are extremely fond of food and a medley of regional cuisines can be relished in top notch restaurants in Delhi. If you are looking for some excellent restaurants in Delhi where you can relish the Indian flavors in style and enjoy the traditional ambiance as well, here are a few suggestions.

1. The Karim’s

A very popular restaurant and famous for its exceptionally delicious non vegetarian dishes, Karim’s indulges your taste buds to the extreme. The kababs and mutton delicacies are their specialty and people from every corner of Delhi barge in to taste their dishes frequently.

Other popular dishes from Karim’s are lamb stuffed along with chicken, egg and fruit combination, rice and spicy hot curries, etc. The wide selection of Indian breads like romali roti, nan, etc. too are available here.

2. Moto Mahal Deluxe

A traditional Mughalai restaurant that has been in existence for a long time, the butter chicken and nan combination here is simple out of this world! A great place for those who are in search of wholesome, traditional, rustic and delicious food of the North.

3. Diva

A restaurant that offers mouth watering Italian flavors in Delhi, Diva is the finest among all. Belonging to a master chef Ritu Dalmia, Diva is a great place for those who love Italian food. With a splendid variety in wine with about 450 choices and great chefs who are trained to perfect the art of cooking, Diva is a fantastic place.

4. Punjabi By Nature

All Punjabis and others who are Punjabi by nature would love this restaurant. With a Punjabi ambiance and a warm and inviting atmosphere, the strong forte of this restaurant are Paneer Makhani, Dhai key Kebab, Tandoori Prawns, Chicken do Piyaza, etc.

5. Shalom

A wide range of menu blends here with Moroccan, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, etc. being spread out for the exotic as well as very Indian guests. A great place to taste international flavors.

6. Smoke House Grill

Popular for smoked and grilled dishes, they have choices for the vegetarians as well like artichoke ravioli. Other dishes include red pepper bites, smoked fennel and chicken soup, prawn and calamari ajilo, etc.

7. Swagath

A chain restaurant with north Indian and south Indian dishes, Swagath serves the best seafood in the capital. The South Indian chettinad curries, Bombay duck, fried fish, etc.

8. The Yum Yum Tree

Located at New Friend’s colony, this posh Chinese restaurant serves Chinese food with influences from Singapore. Vegetarian options include Mock Meat, Seitan, etc. The food available here is well balanced and tasty.

9. The Mainland Chine

For those who are fond of everything in Chinese, Mainland China is the place for you. The ambiance, food, decor — all have an unmistakable Chinese flavor about it.

10. Slice of Italy

A great place to taste Italian pizza and other delicacies like kebabs, paneer tikkas and an array of toppings.

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