10 Popular toppings to spice up your pizza

Pizza Topping

Pizza is usually the favourite and preferred fast food today – the crust, the cheese and the toppings make it simply irresistible. Pizza is unimaginable without toppings? The flavour, the spice and the taste are enhanced by the toppings. Pizza toppings can be prepared at the time of making the pizza or the ones readily available for purchase can be used. Your business logistics, feasibility, choice of your customers etc. can answer this question. Instant toppings will help you avoid the inconvenience in handling raw products and also save time. On the contrary, it gets costlier and also denies you the chance to showcase your very own customized pizzas. Either way you can make a wonderful pizza. Here are the top ten toppings available for your pizzas:



Pepperoni is used by most pizzerias in the U.S. It is made from beef and pork which should be fresh and of low pH for preservation purpose.

1) Large cuts of pork and beef should be ground in a meat grinder or silent cutter and maintained at 30 -32F.

2) Seasonings, starter culture and other ingredients are mixed for 2 -3 minutes.

3) These cuts are later ground or chopped into smaller pieces..

4) Then, stuffing should be done at 30 -32 F.

5) Racks of sausage should be put in an incubator with the required conditions. Then, it is smoked using real smoke or that of the liquid variety.

6) Then, the sausage is sprayed with water and kept in a stabilizing room for 2 -3hours.

7) Dry at suitable conditions.

8) Finally, slice the product and pack it for selling.

9) It can be stored in a refrigerator.

Italian Sausage:

Italian Sausage

Sausages are of three types – pre-cooked slices, raw prepared sausage and whole meatcuts.

1) Chop the meat into small pieces.

2) Prepare the spice blend.

3) Grind the cold meat in a grinder.

4) Blend the seasoning with meat.

5) The meat can be reduced in size by grinding.

6) Refrigerate.



1) Obtain the trimmings from the boned out beef carcass and grind them.

2) A meat grinder or a cutter -mixer is used to grind the beef.

3) The preparation procedure and storage is the same as Italian Sausage.

4) Salt and black pepper are usually the chosen seasonings.



1) Pre-cooked and pre-seasoned forms of chicken are available as topping.

2) It is available as diced, strips, shredded or julienne sliced.

3) It should be refrigerated at 33 -36 F.

4) A closed container is used.



1) Chlorinated water is used to wash fresh mushrooms.

2) They are sorted by size and then air-dried with fans.

3) They are then sliced, packed and immediately sent to be sold.

4) Temperature is to be maintained at 33 to 35 F.

5) Fresh mushrooms shouldn’t be soaked as they enhance deterioration.



1) Onions are available as silvered, diced and in rings.

2) Peel and core the onion and cut it into quarters.

3) Remove the unwanted material and slice or dice the onion.

4) Wash the cut portion in chlorinated water and spin dry it.

5) Vacuum pack and ship it.

6) Storage is at 33 to 37 F; shelf life is 7 days.

Green Pepper:

Green Pepper

1) Green Pepper is available as silvered, diced and in rings.

2) Use a machine to cut the pepper into quarters after it is cored.

3) Remove the rotten pieces, the bruised part, core part, the stems, and other unnecessary pieces.

4) Wash it to remove seeds.

5) Dice or silver the product.

6) Use chlorinated water to wash it.

7) Dry spin it.

8) Finally, vacuum pack and ship it.

9) It has to be stored at 33 to 36 F.



1) Pizza toppings usually have green or ripe olives.

2) They are available as whole, sliced, wedged and chopped.

3) Each type of olive has a particular color.

4) Firm texture is preferred over a woody one, to avoid problems during slicing.



1) Pineapple can be combined with Ham and used.

2) Fresh, frozen or canned pineapple can be used.

3) Shape them into cubes or titbits for better usage.

Fresh Tomato:


1) Use ripe tomatoes (keep them away from sunlight).

2) Chop tomatoes into fine pieces.

3) Tomatoes can be refrigerated but not for too long.

4) These pieces can be directly used on the pizza as toppings.

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