10 disgusting foods you will never want to try

disgusting foods you will never want to try

We always associate food with something delicious, appetising and extremely tasty. It is almost always so and that is what makes us develop a certain liking for certain kinds of food. Though we are definitely not interested in food that is not so tasty, wouldn’t it be still interesting to take a look at some of the most disgusting foods that can make you vouch never to touch them again? Take a look at these amazingly de appetising dishes that come from around the world!

1. Casu Marzu, maggot laced cheese

Casu Marzu- Maggot Laced Cheese

The name itself is a harbinger of what to expect. Casu Marzu is a pecorino cheese that is fermented to such a degree that maggots emanate from the entire cheese. Though it does not conform to modern standards of sanitation and is considered illegal, Casu Marzu is still available in the black market if you want to take a look at it or still want to have a piece of the refreshingly maggot encrusted preparation.

2. Mongolian Boodog

Mongolian Boodog

This delicacy of Mongolia is not as repulsive as the Casu Marzu. The goat or a marmot is hung and the head cut from the neck. The legs are broken from the knee so that the entire skin along with the flesh can be pulled out from the skeleton. Turn the skin back to the outside again and fill with stones, salt and onions. The neck is now closed with a wire and the entire meat is placed on an open fire. Once cooked, the meat oozes fat. Your barbequed Mongolian Boodog is ready to be consumed.

3. Balut, soft boiled fetal duck


An ethnic delicacy found in Philippines and Vietnam, Balut is one of the grossest preparations with a fertilized duck’s egg. The egg is incubated or is allowed to grow for a few weeks invitro before soft boiling it. On peeling you will see the fertilized body of a baby duck, complete with the soft bones, beak, feathers and what not! Inhuman, to say the least!

4. Sheep’s Head

Sheep’s Head

A Mediterranean and Northern European dish, the whole sheep’s head is cooked entirely, mostly along with the brain, eyes and tongue, the tongue and the eyeballs being parts that have to be savored particularly.

5. Live Octopus

Live Octopus

Raw seafood is a legendary dish that we find in Asian countries. While we enjoy sushi and kimchi from Japan and Korea, how about consuming a live baby octopus, cut into smaller pieces, but still wriggling? They are tasteless, rubbery and chewy. Yet a favorite delicacy in Korea due to its vitality enhancing properties.

6. Stink Heads from Alaska

Stink Heads

Stink heads are nothing but the heads of king salmon which are fermented in fermentation pits and left to decompose in wooden or plastic barrels, for a few weeks. These rotten salmon heads are nothing but putrefied flesh that can even pose the risk of botulism.

7. Fugu Fish

Fugu Fish

One of the most poisonous fish preparations in the world, fugu fish is a puffer fish from Japan that is filled with lethal venom, tetrodotoxin which can paralyse and lead to an asphyxiated death if consumed in excess. Despite its dangerous reputation, fugu laced with a trace of venom is an elite dish relished by the rich and the famous.

8. Moose Nose Jelly

Moose Nose Jelly

Though the jelly sounds sweet, the preparation may not be all that sweet and forthcoming. This Alaskan dish is prepared from the snout of a moose by boiling along with spices, onion, garlic and vinegar and cooling it overnight and reheating again to form a jelly. Serve it cold.

9. Bat Paste

Bat Paste

A common preparation in China and Thailand, bat paste can be prepared from fox, fruit or mouse bats. Add them live into a pot of boiling milk or water and once cooked, cut them and form a paste along with traditional Thai spices and herbs. This could be a dangerous preparation as bats are known to be disease carriers. Try at your own risk!

10. Deer Placenta Soup

Deer Placenta Soup

Though the placenta sounds disgusting, deer placenta is known to be very nourishing and safe for consumption. The placenta of a deer resembles that of a human placenta and is known to rejuvenate the body. Served with flowers, deer tendon, black chicken, mushrooms and flowers.

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