Using POS systems for better restaurant management

Redcat restaurant POS

The restaurant business constitutes an interesting and lucrative part of the hospitality industry. It has evolved so much that to better manage your restaurant you need software, such as Redcat restaurant POS, to handle some business operations.

Such types of software allow the staff to focus on cooking and producing/serving food and drinks alone. It should be noted that any hospitality establishment needs to look for all possible ways to improve customer experience so as to maintain a good reputation, establish a good relationship with customers as well as get more customers.

The Redcat application can help your restaurant business to grow. It is also dotted with the POS system that can help manage your restaurant and make it stand out in the hospitality industry.

What is POS for restaurant business?


It stands for Point Of Sale. A Point of Sale system simply involves a cash register, which is comprised of a computer, monitor or laptop, cash drawer, customer display, a barcode scanner and a receipt printer. Most retail POS systems include a credit/debit card reader as well.

This system is used throughout the retail and restaurant industry. Restaurant Point of Sale is that unique system where customers make payments directly in exchange for goods (food, drinks, and rentals) and services. To enable a smooth transaction, a variety of hardware and software are involved. There are also touch screens and payment terminals.

Among its uses, business owners, especially in the restaurant sector, use the Redcat restaurant POS to track sales, food inventory and cash flow. It can greatly simplify their electronic bookkeeping.

Why Redcat POS is good for your restaurant

Redcat restaurant POS

The Redcat POS is an application that helps hotel and restaurant businesses thrive and grow by providing real-time business intelligence and flexibility to manage things their own way. The software also provides support tools needed to improve business. With this, there is efficiency, and customer service offered is exceptional.

Having a POS is a necessity due to the number of credit cards used and cash transacted daily in a restaurant. Some of them act as processors of credit cards; they help reduce the level of theft by employees, ensure accountability as they track every penny of sales and servers are equally accountable for sales. Swiping of cards are more secure for the business and customers.

Orders go through from the computer directly to the kitchen. This makes communications simplified between waiter staff and those in the kitchen. Since the system acts like a time clock, it can help with the preparation of payrolls (this will save a lot of time and money in the bookkeeping department).

The Redcat POS app can track all things from the menu items to food usage. It also organizes loss and profit statements, plus sales tax. Even if you own a sandwich shop, you’ll need this app. With this app, your hospitality establishment will witness increase in the number of customers due to structured and good organization of various steps of management. Finally yet importantly, the restaurant staff will have enough time and flexibility and, accordingly, they will be more efficient.

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