Various types of grills

Types of Grills

A great way to cook sumptuous fare, grilling is one of the most common cooking methods the world over. Just add a dash of spices, herbs, and oils to meats or vegetables and then roast them over hot flurry flames. There are so many kinds of grills up for sale and each has its own set of pros and cons.

A short guide to the different varieties of grills is provided here. So you should know about the various types of grills available before you make a purchase.

1. Charcoal grill

Hot charcoal lumps are used to cook food in these grills and the viands cooked acquire a smoky and woody taste. A light liquid is used to fire up the charcoal which will turn red when you heat it. Just toss around the coal a little bit to twitch flames or see them turn white and your grill is ready to be used. However, cooking with these grills can be challenging and the cleaning as well as maintenance is not very easy either. Not everyone can ignite fire with the liquid fuel properly and if it doesn’t burnt off completely then the food cooked will taste weird. The charcoal will take some time to cool off after you use the grill. Also, you will be required to replace the charcoal every now and then. Prefer a charcoal grill with air vents and a lid. Air vents release heat and aid in temperature control while the lid prevents wind from foiling your cooking.

2. Gas grill

These grills can be fueled by either natural gas or propane. Producing heat at high and even temperatures without any time lag, you won’t have to sweat when cleaning up this equipment. Propane grills are portable and come with a tank that can be refilled at very low rates. But they don’t heat up efficiently. It is relatively easier to roast in natural gas grills but they are not portable. Other features available with gas grills are heat settings, multiple burners, and automatic ignition.

3. Electric grill

Sizzle up fare on these grills that warm up when plugged into electric outlets. Available in many varieties, some even have wheels and self cleaning equipment so you might have to splurge some moolah on them. It’s easier to cook with these as the temperature can be controlled. But they are space bound and cannot work without an electric outlet in the vicinity.

4. Outdoor grills

Food is cooked on the top of hot flames of a bonfire in these grills. The grills consist of a ring of heavy metal or ceramic on top of which a grate is laid. A small fire is then lit on the ring on top of which the victuals are seared.

5. Smokers

Slow cooking aficionados and those whole smoky flavors will definitely love smoker grills. By changing the type of wooden chips and bits used here you can give grilled food an array of flavors. Small grids can be cleaned without much hassles so avoid buying smokers with large grids.

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