Top 5 Popular Barbeque Sauce recipes

Barbecue is a true American technique and tradition. People have given it a lot of different names. You can cook almost anything by this technique – pork, beef, chicken, mushroom, and even your veggies. The time and the style differ from recipe to recipe and also by region.

However, there is one constant thing about the technique and that is the finger-licking, lip-smacking barbecue sauce. The barbeque sauce comes in a number of varieties and you can either get them from the stores or make one yourself. Every single region has its own specialty and preference of barbecue sauce. No matter what the sauce is, the base is either tomato or mustard or vinegar.

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1.Texas Style Sauce

The Texas style sauce is not a vinegar based sauce. It has a thick consistency since the base is tomato. The sauce is added to the meat right before serving. Some love to barbeque their meat first and then add the Texas sauce right before serving. The Texas Sauce has a distinct taste – its spicy, but not over sweet. The ingredients of the sauce include spices like paprika, chili powder, cumin and the signature “secret ingredient.”

2. Jack Daniel’s Rib Glaze

The famous Jack Daniel’s Rib Glaze is a popular barbecue sauce and is used almost at the end of the cooking process. While adding the sauce always remember to keep the temperature quite low. You need to allow the sauce to cook on the ribs, but make sure not to burn it. The longer simmer time will allow the alcohol to evaporate and leave the hint of whisky on the ribs.

3. East Carolina Mop sauce

The East Carolina Style sauce is much different than the other Carolina sauces. This sauce is of vinegar. The mop sauce is a lot different than the usual barbeque sauce. The mop sauce is brushed on to the meat as it cooks. The East Carolina mop sauce is thin and acidic and soaks its way into the meat as it cooks and enhances the flavor.

Hot Sauce when mixed with vinegar makes the East Carolina mop sauce. It works best on pulled pork and ribs. Vinegar cuts through the fat and releases the flavors. This can also be used as the finishing sauce. This sauce tastes spicy, tangy, and peppery.

4. South Carolina Mustard Sauce

Although South Carolina is not the largest state, however, it is widely divided on its preference of barbecue sauce. Some areas prefer the tomato-based sauce while others prefer the vinegar while some others prefer the mustard based.

The sauce is mainly composed of yellow mustard, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and numerous spices. There are even recipes which call for molasses or honey. The sauce works great with pork. The meat is cooked over open pot with hardwood coal and the sauce is added just before serving.

5. Kansas City Sauce

Kansas City loves barbecue. The Kansas City style of barbecue engages slow smoking the meat. The process is done over hickory wood and can be as long as 18 hours. The Kansas City sauce has a tomato base and contains molasses or brown sugar. The sauce is added right before serving. The sauce can be used on all sorts of meat and can taste equally good.

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