The Best Restaurant Supply under $2000

When setting up a restaurant, acquiring different tools and equipment can cost a fortune if care is not taken. Creating a list of the restaurant supply and researching about different manufacturers or products can help get the best deals. Restaurant owners are often advised to avoid buying everything at once, but to get the most important things first. There are even several online retailers that can allow customers to pay in installments for a specific period of time. Lease to buy options can also be considered.

Check out some of the best restaurant supply under $2000 that can be gotten from trusted suppliers.

Bakery ovens

Bakery ovens

Although there are different types, Countertop convention ovens are the most popular ovens for commercial use due to their efficiency and affordability. They are multipurpose ovens that can bake different types of food like bread, pastries, cookies, pies and cake at the same time. Convention ovens normally reduce cooking temperature and time drastically. Apart from baking, it can be used to prepare pizza and perform other functions that include roasting or warming.

Commercial kitchen sinks

A kitchen sink that is meant for commercial purposes must follow national sanitary standard and meet local health regulations. The three types of sinks include sinks for washing hands, sinks for preparing food and sinks for cleaning kitchen utensils. Stainless steel sinks are quite common due to their strength and support for good hygiene. As you choose the right compartment sink, the available space will determine the number of compartments. Even if you decide to go for a 3 compartment sink, there are still cool deals online are around $1000-$2000 or cheaper.

Commercial Flat top grills

Flat top grills are used for toasting bread and will be required if eggs, hamburgers, bacon, chicken and pancakes are part of the menu. Most of them come with specific heating controls that allow different types of food to be heated at once. Thick and thin plates are the top basic types of flat top grills that exist. The thick plate has lower heat retention, usually need more energy and a much longer shelf life than its counterpart.

Microwave oven

Heavy duty microwave ovens are often used in big restaurants for fast food reheating. They occupy more space and require extra power. These ovens can also be used for steaming vegetables and cook baked potatoes. Two things must be considered when choosing a commercial microwave oven which is the wattage and usage level. A higher wattage is a time saver. In case you will be using the oven for around 50 times daily, you can opt for a light duty microwave oven. Getting this type of oven doesn’t cost much compared to a heavy duty model, and you can buy the best below $2000.


Knives are unarguably the most essential tools in your restaurant. Different types of knives will be needed. The bottom line is to know the needs of your restaurant kitchen and purchase high quality knives. You can opt for Chef’s knives that normally come with plastic handles. They can be sharpened frequently and are budget friendly.

Bar supplies

Serving unique cocktails is one of the highest sources of profits of top restaurants. In view of this, most of the equipment should be purchased. They can be gotten online or by visiting a restaurant supply store. The necessary equipment for cocktail include cocktail glasses, jigger, corkscrew, fine strainer, shakers, bar spoon and Boston tin.

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