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5 Most preferred sandwiches by vegans in America

Sandwich preparation is an art form as there are a
variety of ingredients and toppings to choose from that satisfies vegetarians, non-vegetarians,
and vegans alike. PETA has recently announced the top five vegan sandwiches in America,
which are all loaded

Tell me few healthy snacks?

I am going to a store soon and I want to buy some healthy snacks but I want to know about the snacks that are healthy and of course low sodium. Can anyone tell me the names of few healthy snacks that I can buy for myself to eat in between the meals? Can I

Can anyone give me some idea for snacks?

I am feeling hungry and my wife has gone to her home and she will come back after 2 days. There is nothing in home to eat and I don’t even know how to cook. So I’m trying to find snack foods that aren’t over expensive. Everything I look at, is loaded w

Can someone please help me with a list of low protein foods?

The doctor has recently advised me to eat low protein foods. Until few days ago, I was a frequent to gym, and as per my instructor’s advice, I started consuming protein supplements along with a high protein diet. I assume it did not work well for me, and

Can somebody please suggest me few party foods for elders?

This year I am celebrating my eighteenth birthday at home, and I have invited all my friends. However, my mom has also invited few of her friends; therefore, I want to know about some party foods for elderly people, as I have already ordered food for my f

Unique toppings and flavors used on pizza?

I just love having pizza and it is one of my favorite foods since I was a child. Whatever small or big occasion that we have we make sure to order pizza to celebrate. Earlier I used to love the cheese Margherita, but now there are a lot of variations of p

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