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In each and every part of this wide world, there is one element in the lives of each and every ethnicity that binds us all together into one global community. This singular element which is common in all of the world is that of the love for food. People love to eat, each and every person on this planet. Some may be declining from that extra bite out of thought for his or her waistline or the doctor, but nevertheless, the point is that that person will be have to resist, reluctantly and not willingly.

In every country part of the world, there is one type of food that is always unique to that singular region and can be found nowhere else in the world and that is street food. Couture cuisine inspired from a certain region and brought into the dining room of a house thousands of miles away is every bit possible. However, this unique type of food cannot be replicated anywhere else; in order to taste it, one will have to travel to that particular region and no other place.

This unique type of food is the so-called street food of any given region or city or whatever unit of measurement. There are thousands of cities all across the world, and more is the number of types of street food that is available in all of these thousand cities.

The reason for this type of food not being to be able to be replicated anywhere else in the world is just because any street food is synonymous with the spirit of that street where it is being sold. You can always prepare the same dish in your home, but foodies know that the taste of the dust, the grime, or whatever be it, the taste of the street cannot be found in the preparation at home.


Recent issues were raised where a decision was taken that London should also follow the model of hawkers selling street food in Singapore. The irony is that even though it is called street food, Singapore has no street food; all the hawkers sell their wares at a common designated hawker centers. Therefore, in that case, it really cannot be called street food, it does not have that feel, it has more of that of a around the corner deli service. Therefore, for the sake of food lovers, it is being said that the concept of London basing itself on the model of Singapore is preposterous.

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