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Shiokara…Fermented fish paste

Japan, ASIA

shiokaraWhat about a fermented fish paste? I do not know how it tastes but you can figure it out from the ingredients and the processing of those ingredients. Shiokara is made from squid or the guts of skipjack and other species. The internal organs of the squid are mixed with 10 percent salt and 30 percent malted rice. This mixture is bottled in an airtight container and kept for a month for fermentation.

This salty and viscous seafood is eaten as a pickle in Japan. In Japan Shio means salty and Shiokara means the color of the abdomen. Shiokara is made from a wide variety of fishes. In other words, Japanese Shiokara is of many types, like Ika no shiokara – from cuttlefish “squid” , Hotaruika no shiokara – from firefly squid ,Katsuo no shiokara – from bonito ,Kaki no shiokara – from oyster ,Konowata no shiokara – from curryfish (a sea cucumber) ,Uni no shiokara – from sea urchin roe and Ami no shiokara – from shrimp .

It might appear weird to some as Japanese cuisine uses the intestines of the fish to make the fish paste, as I am not used to Shiokara, I might prefer substituting processed fish for it. Why I would do so? Look at the picture and you will get the answer.
Shiokara base: Fish Base

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