10 Things you must remember while cooking lobsters

Lobsters are highly loved by people across the world because of their great taste. The lobster market is also considered to be one among the most profitable markets in the world. But to have a great taste of lobster, you need to cook it right. Here is a l

Five best Fishes for seafood lovers

Seafood is rich in fatty acids and must be an important item in our diet. Oils present in sea food are a tremendous source of energy. Many of us ignore this fact and heavily include chicken, beef and pork in our diet. Seafood, especially fishes are esse

Which wine will go best with Cajun food?

My boyfriend’s mother called me up one day and said that she was coming for dinner at my place and told me took Cajun food for her. since she knows that I can make really good Cajun food. This piece of information was given by my boyfriend and now she is

Seafood & Lemon pepper tango in pasta

Catherine, I feel that adding lemon juice and pepper seasoning would have given the actual flavors in the lemon pepper pasta. You could have sauteed garlic along with olives and rosemary for adding flavors to shrimp. Moreover, using white wine instead of.