10 Things you must remember while cooking lobsters

Cooked lobsters

Lobsters are highly loved by people across the world because of their great taste. The lobster market is also considered to be one among the most profitable markets in the world. But to have a great taste of lobster, you need to cook it right. Here is a list of ten things which you should not forget while cooking lobsters:

1. Do not remove the rubber bands

When you buy a lobster for cooking, you will find that its claws will have rubber bands on it which will stop it from open its claws. What if your finger comes in between those claws? It can break. The rubber bands should not be removed from its claws till it is cooked.

2. Save the water you used to cook lobster

Lobster is an expensive seafood. The water which you have used to cook the lobster can be used to add to butter or making a soup later.

3. Lobster continues to cook after boiling

The lobster’s hard shell actually acts as an oven in which the lobster keeps on cooking after boiling till it is cooled down. So, it is best to eat it right away or keep it to cool down.

4. Do not under cook

It is good to overcook it than under cook. If you under cook the lobster, the meat will be soft and will not be very appetizing.

5. Remove excess water from boiled lobster

When you boil a lobster, it retains a lot of water. You can make a hole in the body of the lobster from where the water can be drained out.

6. Getting lobster’s tails strait

In order to have the lobster’s tails not curl up while you cook, you need to steam it with a heavy weight on top of it. Steam the lobster for about 30 seconds till it is dead and then remove from the heat, straighten the tail and place a heavy object on the tail and again go for the steam.

7. Remove the tail vein

The lobster has a vein containing post digested food which you definitely would hate to eat. To remove this vein you need to grab the lobster by the end and pull. Now you need to wash both the tail and the vein.

8. Remember the knuckles

The lobsters knuckles are between its claw and the body. You need to break the claw off and use a small fork to get to the knuckles.

9. Lemon and butter

You can squeeze the lemon on the butter rather than keeping them both on the lobster.

10. Do not buy lobster from a super market

In order to get the best taste out of the lobster, you need to get it fresh. The lobsters you find in the supermarket are indeed alive, but they are not fresh. They have passed through a lot of hands before they reach to the supermarket. With the passage of time, the lobster meat starts to degrade and lose its flavor.

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