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Poutine: Weirdest junk food casserole

New Brunswick,Quebec,Canada, NORTH AMERICA

I am going to tell you a little story…of a weird food. It originated from the very feeling called ‘weird’. It happened in the restaurant of Fernand Lachance at Warwick, Quebec, when a customer wanted to have French fries and cheese curd in a bag and Fernand was feeling weird at the idea of the mish mash that it would cause. In his absolute weirdo, he formulated a recipe called as Poutine, which is a junk food casserole, consisting of French fries, cheese curd and gravy. Since then Poutine is selling like hot cakes. Poutine is now found in the International fast food joints to the fast food stalls in Canada.

Traditional Poutine is made by tossing together French fries, cheese curd, and gravy from roast beef or duck. There are many variations to this recipe, especially the Italian one. But the Quebecan version had a contemporary, which is entirely different from the Quebecan one. It is found in New Brunswick, and it’s not a fast food snack but a traditional Acadian dish. Poutine in Acadia is adapted from the German settlers in Acadia, it’s a ball of grated and mashed potato, which is salted and filled with pork in the centre, and boiled. It is commonly eaten with salt and pepper or brown sugar.

There are many versions of the Quebecian Poutine in New York and Canada, but if you want to have the most authentic one go to Quebec, Montreal and look for the fast food chain named LaFleur.

The combination is weird and highly calorific, but who cares, it’s nevertheless yummy.
Poutine at Thumper

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