15 good foods to boost healthy hair growth

Are you in love with thick and healthy hair and looking for ways to achieve those enviable locks? If yes, you must remember, that no matter how much you invest in artificial products, ultimately you will have to fall back on good food to get shiny and att

Spanish dessert recipe: Leche Frita

Leche Frita is a delicious Spanish dessert, made by whisking flour, milk and sugar together, before golden frying small proportions of the mixture, and serving it up with a sugary glaze and drizzle of cinnamon powder. Literally meaning “fried milk” in

Basic steps in baking cake

Baking a cake is not a hard thing to do but it needs some planning and organization. The steps involved in making a cake varies significantly depending on the type of the cake and the recipe that you want to follow. However, just keep the following points

3 Homemade Halloween cookies and snacks to try with kids

Halloween has so much to offer, especially when it comes to creative and kid friendly activities such as carving pumpkins, designing costumes, making haunted houses or baking cookies at home. In addition, home-baked cookies have always been a fall favorit

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