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Korean Cuisine: Getting acquainted with it

Korean cuisine is becoming very popular with the Americans. It is the ignorance of Korean cuisine that is not allowing them to mingle freely with the cuisine. Believe me people it is much more than just Kimchi. Similar ingredients prepared in dissimilar, ahah! delicious ways…it was a revelation for me.

To begin with, let us acquaint ourselves to the staple food Bap. It is steamed rice cooked with all kinds of beans and other whole grains, like, beans, chestnuts, sorghum, red beans, barley, or other cereals added for flavor and nutrition. Similarly, Juk is another version of Bap, cooked with meats, mushrooms, vegetables, and bean sprouts. Therefore, the staple food of Koreans has a protein and the right carb punch. This is served with Guk or soup and with after that, as per the conventional dining system. While Guk is usually made out of meats and seafood, vegetables are also used to make the broth. Jjigae is yet another version of the soup and is made out of fermented soybean paste and it is served a hot stone bowl…now that reminds of the Stone Age serving.
While the Korean dishes are a combo of veg and non-veg ingredients, Namul is an exclusive veggie delicacy made out of vegetables and wild greens sauteed in onions and garlic and seasoned with sesame salt and soy sauce. Similarly, Jeotgal or fermented seafood is an exclusive non-vegetarian delicacy.
Jjim and Jorim are prepared from meats and fish, and paired with vegetables and cooked in a soybean concoction. Korean cuisine also includes grilled and barbecued meats and fish. So whenever, you scan through a Korean menu card, you can hit on bulgogi and galbi and satisfy yourself with a familiar appetizer.

Snacks include Mandu or dumplings are similar to momos or steamed dumplings made out of meats, fish, and other vegetables. Jeon or pancakes are also made out of a veg and meat combo.

By now, you might be familiar with the type of food covered in Korean cuisine…just remember it is only the way of cooking that differs otherwise there is a great deal of convergence in almost every cuisine.
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