Indulge in these European local delicacies while you are in Europe

Irish Stew

Thinking of stepping foot in Europe for a long and entertaining trip? Certainly, you have made the right choice as Europe is considered one of the most astonishing and sought after places for holiday. It has remarkable destinations that you can explore. Not only it offers rich history and culture, mesmerizing architecture and scenic wonders, Europe is also well known for its classic and mouthwatering range of delicacies. We bring you some of the best European delicacies you must try while touring the heartwarming destinations.

Palacinky (Czech Republic):

Czech food is highly popular all around the world. It is best matched with a glass of wine. However, palacinky pancakes, a dessert with fruit jam served as a roll with cream and icing sugar in Prague, is probably one of the best local food of Europe. You must eat it while you are roaming in the streets of Prague.


Pierogi (Poland):


Baked in pan with onions and butter, Pierogiess are best served in Poland. It is certainly one of the European delicacies you must try. It would easily melt in your mouth, craving you for more, if it is well cooked.

Pizza (Italy):

Italy is most famous for its variety of cuisines, undoubtedly the most preferred being the pizza and pasta. The reason behind its popularity is its mouth-watering diversity and its fresh availablity for both vegetarians and meat lovers of all type.

Currywurst (Germany):


There are numerous varieties of wurst available in Germany, but Currywurst surpasses all of them in taste. It is served with sauerkraut, and curry powder is dusted all over it. It makes up for a fascinating choice for all tourists in Europe.

Pain au chocolat (France):

Baked croissant with butter and chocolate chips, Pain au chocolat is local food in Europe that could be found in almost every European city. However, the golden appearance with rich chocolate delicacy is best found in local shops in France.

Irish Stew (Ireland):

Irish Stew

Cooked accurately with fine combination of roasted meats and veggies and spices to add the flavor, Irish stew is enough to give you a warm and heavenly feeling in the cold weather. Get in a pub and order an Irish stew with fresh bread. You will forget about your long days plans to fill your stomach with this heavenly delight. It is one of the must try European local delicacies.

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