How to Become Friends with Sugar

Become Friends with Sugar

In general, sugars are not the preferred meal for many people on a diet. In fact, it is what most of them keep tabs on more than any other family of nutrients. Just to refresh your memory, sugar contains different groups of nutrients. All have different effects on the body.


Athletes who use Ephedrine 50mg/ml for fat loss are afraid of sugars in order to avoid reaccumulating fats. But, is sugar really that bad? Understanding more on how to become friends with sugar will probably change this notion.

What Are Sugars?

Sugar is a component of the main food category of carbohydrates. Their other counterparts in the category include the fibers and starches. The three of them play a role in providing energy fuel to the body after undergoing a digestion process. The final product, which is glucose, supplies energy to the whole body for various activities.

As part of carbohydrates, sugars are important for the above functions in the body. People cannot live without them especially now that they come from the main category of food. Most of the foods that supply the body with sugars include the following.

Fruit juices

Cereal bars – What most people do not know is that most bars include added sugars. In fact, the amount of sugar in the cereal bars is more than the amount of fiber and protein.
• Starchy foods – Processed cereals and other starch foods contain some amount of simple sugars apart from the large percentage of starch. They have little or no starches.
• Sodas and fruit juices – If you want to take your sugar levels up in one shot, consider having these drinks. They contain a lot of sugar, which our body absorbs directly and naturally.
• Energy drinks – Did you ever wonder why we call them energy drinks? It is because they contain an established amount of sugar to boost the energy of athletes and people in the fitness industry.
• Chocolate milk – The milk is enriched with sugars and cocoa for human consumption. It is a high sugar food and can be used by the athletes as a base for various energy giving shakes.

How to Use Sugar in the Best Way

Become Friends with Sugar

People need the energy to do various activities. Even the most dormant person who sits all day behind a computer requires some amount of energy to perform various body processes like metabolism. According to experts, people require over 1,500 calories every day on average, and most of these come from sugars.

As much as sugar has adverse health effects when you take too much of it , using enough has numerous benefits to the body as well. The expert’s advice for the best use of sugars is to understand the source and their impact on the body. For instance, doctors recommend water with glucose or a banana during sports to give instant energy. However, too much of this for a normal person can lead to illnesses.


Becoming friends with sugar is an easy process after going through the above insights. They help a layman to understand sugars and their importance to the body.

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