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Horse meat: In the ice cream or as a sausage?

Japan,Kazakhstan; ASIA

horse meat
Take it straight from the horse’s mouth, I mean from the horse’s flesh and eat this taboo the way you want…as Basashi Aisu in Japan or as Sausage in Kazakhstan.
In the fist place, horse meat is considered as weird by communities, especially the Jewish communities and a larger part of the US and Australia because the horse is not cloven-hoofed or cud-chewing and mainly because horse converts grass into meat less efficiently than other beasts, since horses do not function as ruminants. Moreover, it is like eating donkey’s meat as horse and donkey are working animals it is weird to let their meat go to waste.

Horse’s meat give a combined flavor of beef and meat an is pinkish in color. In Japan horse meat is served raw as sashimi, where horse meat is cut into thin strips and is served with soy sauce and wasabi. The weirdest part of this weird food is that it is frozen into an ice cream. It is called as Basashi Aisu and if you are thinking that the meat is cooked or processed then be prepared to take the shock if you are planning to try it out. You will find raw horse meat chunks in the little ball of ice cream.

I can think of having horse meat in Kazakhstan, as it is folded into the salami recipes or eaten as a sausage.

Horse meat at: Eat Japan

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