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This holiday, eat sensibly and have fun

Healthy eating

It’s holiday time and everyone would be on their toes with excitement hoping to fulfill their wishes by partying harder and celebrating. But it is not sensible to start off hogging or brunching. The holiday season is generally filled with parties, family get-together and lots of junk foods, but with just a little help, you can keep away eating too much during the holidays. If you have a healthy and nutritious diet, you will start feeling better and have much energy to enjoy the season. There are few sensible measures to be followed to enjoy the holidays.

1. Never skip meals

Most of them believe that skipping breakfast or lunch could save all of those calories and it could be compensated for the party that night. That sounds good, but skipping breakfast or meals can make you crabby, exhausted and might also leave you with a headache which may ruin the evening plans. Also, when you are seriously hungry and standing alongside high-calorie treats, you may tend to fall for it by turning into a raving eating machine and stuff many more calories than those you skipped earlier in the day. Low-fat milk and a bowl of whole grain cereal for breakfast, a morning snack of nuts and raisins, followed by a healthy lunch with a salad or a sandwich made of whole grain bread will keep your brain and your body fueled throughout the day.

2. Have high fiber foods before the party

When you have got a party to attend, have some fibrous food just before you leave. Fiber actually helps you feel full and that makes you less hungry, which in turn makes you eat less at the party. Choose foods like fresh fruits, low-calorie vegetables, a small salad or even a small cup of oatmeal.

3. Drink plenty of water

Many believe that mild dehydration may make you feel like hungry and the top possible way to avoid getting dehydrated is to drink plenty and plenty of water. Having a sip of water or two between bites can also slow down your eating. Having a glass or two before you get started with alcoholic beverages cuts down the consumption level and also having one in between drinks slows down your alcohol consumption as well. Cocktails contain high calories, but overindulging in alcohol consumption might lower your awareness of how much you are eating.

4. Exercising

Exercising is a best method to control your weight. Your exercise and blood pressure adds to your good health by reducing stress level and tone your muscles and bones in good shape. Although one may feel uninterested in exercising in holidays, but these routine exercises in holidays help you ensure that the occasional party won’t land permanently on your belly or thighs. Once you quit exercising or attempt to stop for a few days, it may get very difficult to start up again. Even if you are busy, cut your workout time to half the normal and this will keep you in control.

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