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Heavy Package: Salmon logs stuffed with cheese and herbs

gfrgtySpence & Co. has come up with something really innovative and promising this season. What does it promise? Well, it promises to offer you the taste of smoked salmon wrapped around a thick concoction of herbs and cheese; and it promises itself huge profits out of this new range of salmon products. The range also includes Appa Salmon Roulade, which again is cheese, chives, lemon pepper, and dill stuffed into salmon.

This is incredible seafood stuffing as both cheese and herbs would overpower the flavor of salmon except for the ratio of filling to the ratio of salmon. As the filling ha ample enough flavors for seafood, it is better to have it right from the box or after sauteing it in oil or having it grilled.

Anyways this can be a great appetizer for the coming Christmas parties. So, what are you waiting for before forking into the main meal with turkey, bite into the seafood at $7.99 for a 4-ounce package, or go for a richer taste with the Appa Salmon Roulade at $4.99 for a 7-ounce package. While you will get the former at Whole Foods, the latter stuff is available at Trader’s Joe.
For more information on the packaged product: Tallahassee

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