Healthy Kitchen Ideas for the New Year

The kitchen is a space that needs to feel fresh and bright; and, with the New Year upon us, there’s never been a better time to freshen up the décor and ensure your kitchen is healthy and prepared for the year ahead. From the surfaces to the food on your plate, having a positive, motivating atmosphere in your kitchen will instantly change the way you work and enable you to get the most out of the space you have.

Natural Colour Scheme

Colours are essential when it comes to defining the atmosphere within a room. If you walk into a bright red room you may notice it becomes difficult to relax and wind down, whereas a room made up of softer colours is the perfect space for a comfortable, inviting feel. Neutral, natural colours schemes made up of cream, beige, brown and grey instantly create a positive, welcoming atmosphere that will make your kitchen a motivating, uplifting space. This is ideal for keeping a healthy, positive mindset, and feeling confident and motivated to cook up some fabulous treats! If you find yourself wanting to introduce more colours to the décor, you can always accessorise it with stylish, colourful utensils and appliances to add character and style to the overall interior.

Brighter and Bolder

Research shows that brighter rooms create a positive, motivating environment that is great for a healthy lifestyle. Your kitchen is the perfect place to introduce some white, bright lighting that will keep the room feeling fresh and bold all day long. It’s not all about the artificial lighting however, natural lighting is also essential. By allowing natural light to flow throughout your interiors, you are opening up the rooms which results in a lighter atmosphere. It’s always beneficial to open your windows too, as this enables fresh air to circulate throughout your kitchen.

The Fresher, The Better

When the New Year arrives, many people create resolutions to eat healthier, have their five a day, and be organised and motivated. These are all great resolutions; however, it’s only possible to stick to these if you start at home. Your home is the place that you see first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so ensuring it is ready to stimulate your healthy lifestyle is the key. Place a large bowl full of delicious, fresh fruit on your kitchen units, as this will be a reminder every morning or evening to grab one of your 5 a day. You can also look at putting any sweet snacks in a cupboard that’s out of bounds mid-week, as this will prevent you from opting for the sugary snacks over the healthier options.

Add some Plants

One of the most effective ways to create a healthy, positive atmosphere within your kitchen is to introduce some plants. Plants are not just good to look at; they are also very beneficial for your health and mindset. Plants such as Spider Plants are great for allergies. You then have herbs such as thyme that also have medicinal properties. There’s nothing more relaxing and inviting that the beautiful scent of fresh flowers, or the gentle appearance of some bold plants. They’re also a perfect way to brighten up your kitchen units, windowsills, sideboards and so on.

Clean the Fridge

It may not seem like it has an effect on the atmosphere of your kitchen, but having a clean, fresh fridge can actually have a large impact. Removing any out of date or half-finished items from your fridge will enable you to fill the fridge with healthy, tasty treats that you can use to your benefit. You’ll feel an instant lift when your fridge is stripped of any unwanted items that may cause you to snack and break any health-related resolutions!

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